Importance of botany in academic curriculum

The human curiosity to know more about the plants, which surround us so integrally and helps all living beings to survive with their liberation of oxygen and food, can only be satiated by the study of Botany. So what is botany? Botany is the scientific study of all type of plants which surround us. There is no doubt about the fact that plants be it herbs, shrubs or trees form an integral part of our lives. Its importance has increased manifold in today's World of increasing globalisation and pollution. With increasing population study of botany facilitates to satisfy the hunger needs of human beings by producing advanced breeds of crops and vegetable in comparatively less amount of time.

Study of Botany helps us to systematically classify and identify plants according to their evolution. Identification of plants helps us to recognize economically beneficial plants and medicinal plants which benefit us immensely in the production of medicines.

With the study of recombinant DNA technology in botany, we can modify the genetic constitution of plants so as to make them resistant to various types of crop diseases and thereby producing advanced breeds.

Most of the living organisms on this earth derive their source of energy from plants because they are the only living beings that can manufacture their own food by the process of photosynthesis. Therefore the study of this physiology is also very important which ultimately results in liberation of oxygen by the uptake of carbon dioxide.

With so much pollution around us, plants and their study seem to be the only way of providing a better future for our next generation.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Botany problems

Botany, the study of plants which is a whole kingdom in itself, is quite vast with hundreds and thousands of species yet to be discovered. Therefore identification and classifying plants which surround us and doing assignments on these topics become quite difficult.

The assignments which are given in Botany such as plant breeding, plant diseases, plant taxonomy, plant fossil desires real life experiences and practical classes which are very rare.

The assignments in botany tend to be rather monotonous and boring and require hard focus and concentration on behalf of the students.

Few topics covered under Botany

  • Agriculture which includes plant breeding, plant hybridisation, plant diseases, genetic recombination of plant varieties to yield better varieties of crops.
  • Plant taxonomy which helps in identification and classification of plants according to their systematic position.
  • Plant diseases so as to prevent as well as cure different diseases of plants.
  • Plant physiology which includes transport in plants, mineral nutrition, photosynthesis, respiration, plant growth and development.
  • Structural organisation of plants which includes tissue, meristematic tissue, permanent tissue, morphology, anatomy and function of different types of flowering plants - roots, stems, leaves fruits, seeds.
  • Plant behaviour which helps to identify their behaviour according to different climates and places.
  • Plant nutrition whish highlights the different nutrition required by plants for their better survival.

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