Mini hydel generation

Mini hydel generation:

Energy production from small water source is perhaps the most cheapest and consistent of all renewable energy sources.  It can be harnessed suitably from nearby canal or stream in a most environmentally benign way. Nature has been very generous and abundant in providing a vast hydro electric potential to many subcontinent.

Small hydro is the growth of hydroelectric power on a scale serving a little community or industrial plant. The statement of a small hydro project differs though a generating capacity of up to 10 megawatts (MW) is usually accepted as the upper limit of what can be referred as small hydro. This might be stretched up to 30 MW in the United States, and 50 MW in Canada. In contrary many hydroelectric projects are of huge size, like the generating plant at the Hoover Dam of 2,074 MW.

Small hydro can be categorized into mini hydro, generally stated as less than 1,000 kW, and micro hydro which is less than 100 kW. Micro hydro is generally the application of hydroelectric power sized for smaller communities, small families or small enterprise.

Hydroelectric power is the production of electric power from the movement of water. The hydroelectric facility needs a dependable flow of water and a reasonable height of fall of water, termed as the head. In a typical installation, water is fed from a reservoir via a channel or pipe into a turbine. The pressure of the moving water on the turbine blades causes the shaft to rotate. The rotating shaft is attached to an electrical generator which converts the motion of the shaft into electrical energy.

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Ocean energy

The various techniques of extracting energy from oceans are shown below:

  • Ocean winds,
  • Ocean waves,
  • Ocean tides,
  • Ocean currents,
  • Ocean geothermal,
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (i.e., OTEC),
  • Salinity gradient and
  • Bioconversion of sea weeds.


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