Importance of Bimolecular in Academic curriculum

 A remarkable transformation has undergone in Science over the last few decades and it has the most dramatic impact on the interface between biology and chemistry i.e. the bimolecular sciences.

To understand the importance of Bio molecules let us first know what we actually mean by the term Bio molecule. It is a molecule that is found in all living organisms. These molecules form the basic building blocks for lot of other molecules. We divide these Bio molecules mainly in two categories.

  • Macromolecules: Proteins, carbohydrates, Polymers, lipids
  • Micro molecules such as metabolites 

These molecules are the key to understand how a living organism's body functions and hence are very important from an academic perspective. Let's pick up few molecules to realize the importance.

Basic concepts of bimolecular:-

Bio molecules have the impact on our lives and offer the opportunities for all to make such a vast variety of important contributions to the world.

One of the most important needs for each living organism is food which is broken down to calories that allow us to carry out all internal functions like blood circulation, synthesis of new molecules and activities outside like walking or any physical activity.

It makes a lot of sense to educate everyone about how our body reacts to intake of these nutrients in order to stay fit. Today, obesity is the most prevalent problem in this universe and with proper academic attention this can be solved.

Talking about these macronutrients it's important to know something about each of these nutrients.

Carbohydrates: These are the instant energy sources for the body. It is burned down and used for various functions and the excess is stored as a fat. Therefore it's important to know what the requirement of your body is and eat accordingly.

Proteins: It is the basic building block which is needed for your body to grow. Whether it's growing your hair or muscles

Fats: These are the storage house of energy. Any fat you consumed is stored and used if needed by the body. It is usually stored in some specific parts under your skin like around your tummy.

Importance of Bimolecular:- 

The curriculum in bimolecular science should build on a rigorous in both chemical and biological sciences. So that the core courses i.e. analytical, organic and physical chemistry as well as cell biology, genetics and molecular biology can be covered. The curricular program includes two semester senior level course in biochemistry with lab in biotechnology and microbiology to bring all the components together.

At the universities, academic programs could be established in such a way that it can encourage the curriculum development and training in biological materials. These programs can be bridge between biology, material science and physical sciences. Though, the multidisciplinary character of bimolecular material research, in many ways is a great strength but it can be barrier for students pursuing an education in the field. This problem can be overcome by new appropriate academic programs and curriculum development. In one of the disciplines, students should train in depth; however they can get more during the research phase of their graduate programme.

These training could be supported by the special governmental or organisational grants which are provided in the areas of biomaterials. There should be many electives to make easy to develop a specialization in the biological and chemical sciences.

At advanced level, the subjects which should be covered in curriculum includes crystals and restorations, cells and molecules, nutrition, cell metabolism, carbohydrates, bio chemistry of human tissues, molecular biology, fats and proteins, nutrition, and clinical bio chemistry. This broad approach of bio molecular science enables the course to increase the importance of curriculum including fundamental pathology, medicine and public health as well as it expertise the students in relevant course texts. With this subject, students are introduced to data handling and style the chemistry journals in such a way that they can use scientific literature as well as their practical data.

Few tips to solve questions of Bimolecular Problems:-

An interest should be developed for learning the chemistry. A positive scientific attitude and appropriate contribution of subject should be developing towards the improvements of quality of life. One should nurture curiosity, aesthetic sense creativity and develop problem solving skills.

To solve the questions based on bimolecular one must keep these points in mind-

  • You should prepare a weakly study plan. Then assign a fixed number of topics to each week and strictly stick to this schedule.
  • For the superficial and basic knowledge, you can go for topics which are in the syllabus of early graduation level. Study of macromolecules and micro molecules like carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and metabolites should be preferred.
  • When less than a month left for exams, by now student must have completed the syllabus. Although brushing the facts and formulae.
  • If you have done with entire syllabus, then don't relax and sit back, just channelize your energy in selective and planned manner.
  • Make a formulae chart to prepare in a faster and better way. This will help you during the exam while dealing with the many structures.
  • In the protein section, the amino acid part, zwitter ion structure and the peptide bond formation between glycine and alanine are important. A clear idea about various vitamins and their sources and their deficiency diseases is also important.
  • Nucleic acids like DNA and RNA are also important. Give emphasis on their difference also.
  • The structures of carbohydrates like glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose and lactose are also important and student must practise them all. Besides these, polymers and chemistry in everyday life is equally important.
  • Bio molecules are important from their basic knowledge. So you should remember younger graduate stuff that you would not be troubled much. If you are getting troubled, just go through the chapter thoroughly. And now you can make one word questions and good to go.
  • However, the importance of bimolecular chemistry relevant with the every aspect of life although its curriculum should design in such a way that it can be beneficial to all the livings. offers Bimolecular Assignment Help, Bimolecular Homework Help, and Bimolecular - biology tutor service online.

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