Microbiology Introduction:

The microorganism's globes comprise a variety of species of viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoan parasites. The introduction of microscope and inventive processes of isolation and identification of such microbial organisms released a latest field of study termed as Microbiology.

The study of microorganisms deals with the structure, form, physiology, reproduction, metabolism and categorization of micro-organisms. The section of microbiological studies comprise different aspects of their distribution in nature, their connection to each other and to other organisms, their consequence on plants, animals and human beings, their roles in the sustainability of natural habitats like soil, air and water and also their valuable aspects to biotechnology.

As an appliance of microbiology, medical microbiology is frequently commenced with medical principles of immunology as microbiology. Or else, microbiology, virology, and immunology as fundamental sciences have really exceeded the medical variants.


The presence of microorganisms was theorized for many centuries before their real discovery. The presence of unseen microbiological life was guessed by Jainism. Paul Dundas notes that Jainism asserted presence of unseen microbiological creatures living in earth, water, air and fire. The Roman Marcus Terentius Varro made orientations to microbes whenever he warned against positioning a homestead in the locality of swamps "since there are bred some minute creatures that can't be seen by the eyes, that float in air and come into the body via the mouth and nose and thus cause serious diseases."

In the year 1546 Girolamo Fracastoro planned that epidemic diseases were caused by transferable seed-like entities that could broadcast infection by direct or indirect contact, or vehicle transmission.

Though, early claims regarding the existence of microorganisms were approximate, and not based on microscopic surveillance. Real observation and introduction of microbes had to await the discovery of the microscope in the seventeenth century. 

Microbiology - Importance of Microbiology  

The world is filled with various micro-organisms. Microbiologyis the study of microscopic organisms, those being unicellular (single cell), multicellular (cell colony), or acellular (lacking cells). Microbiology encompasses numerous sub-disciplines including virology, mycology, parasitology, and bacteriology. It covers the classification, identification, characteristics. In 1676, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, observed bacteria and other microorganisms for the first time under a single lens microscope and hence, is considered as the father of microbiology.

Scientific microbiology is considered very important in a lot of fields. The use of microbiology is very important in fermenting industry. Products like vinegar, alcohol, dairy products. It is also important because some microbes are responsible for degradation of organic waste into nutrient products for plants. Basically, they are highly indispensable as they can help decrease and control pollution in the air. It also is important to decrease the carbon footprint. Microbiology is tied to a lot of other fields like medical science, brewery, baking, environmental biology, etc.

Microbiology is solely responsible in the medical field for the advancements that we have in the medical field. Multiple life threatening diseases are better understood due to the diagnostic methods developed for research in this field. Microbiology alone helps us to diagnose a disease with the battery of tests that they provide. It has helped to identify causative organisms and the traits. And based on that we have been able to come up with treatments for the same. Microbiology alone has helped us understand the human body and also a lot of other life forms. We have had major breakthroughs in the field of genetics, immunology and also pharmacology because of research from the field.

Few Difficulties encountered while studying Microbiology

The wide scope of the field means there is extensive varieties of assignments. It involves close association with various other fields like maths, chemistry, genetics, engineering even. The field is still heavily under research. It is being looked up to for solutions on the biggest problems of the world related to health and life sustenance on this planet. Streamlining the research into assignments is what the biggest task is for the students. It is also difficult to keep a track of the ongoing research and development in the field. The main objective in an assignment is to describe something objectively. Therefore, it is appreciated when the article reflects a lack of bias. Also, the format and particularly transition areas in the assignment should be smooth enough for the reader to stay connected with the matter. These are some of the problem areas for students while writing an assignment in the field. The assignment in the field of microbiology is not limited to essay assignments. They have various analytical, chemistry based problems too.

Few important tips to solve Microbiology problems

There are a few things that we can do while writing an assignment in the subject of microbiology to make sure that readers can comprehend the points and opinions that we have tried to put forth in the assignment. In analytical based problems, with such a wide demographic content of the field the solutions are not a fixed one. The queries can be resolved in multiple ways. Some of the things are to make a list of the points which acts like a draft for the assignment. So, a systematic approach with detailed explanation is highly encouraged in this field is required to justify the solution.In essay based assignments, it is imperative in covering all the topics and also it helps in taking care of the transition areas which as we know are a bit of a problem. Then research is obviously very important for all types of problems. It enhances the quality of the assignment when you have appropriate statistics and facts in the assignments. Also, it is important to sometimes include innovation and fresh ideas in your assignments. The feasibility is to be checked before. It helps to understand the format required by studying articles in various international magazines. It is also encouraged to have diagrammatic and pictorial representation of elements in the assignment.

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