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Do you need chemistry tutors help to learn how to write chemical formulas in your chemistry subject? Are you confused on concept how to balance chemical equations? Do you need help solving mole and stoiciometry based questions? 

The subject chemistry is the study of matter or study of energy and the interactions between them. Both chemistry and physics are specializations of physical science. Chemistry subject tends to focus mainly on the properties of substances or the interactions between different types of matter, particularly reactions which involve electrons. Physics subject tends to focus more on the nuclear part of the atom, or the subatomic realm. However, both are two sides of the same coin. The study or learning of chemistry is very important for a science student and it has very important role to understand reactions and their uses. It is required to score passing marks in chemistry subject for students and they need help in learning chemistry concepts and theory. There are three main parts of chemistry subject and each of them has equal importance in study of chemistry, these are physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. The study of organic chemistry is quite interesting and conceptual, without conceptual theory organic concepts can't be solved by simply. It is required to extend your knowledge about chemical reactions and formulas of organic compounds. Tutors help is required to clear your concepts and all the time students face problems in solving organic compound and reaction based questions. Moreover physical chemistry is quite simple than organic chemistry but it has mathematical approach to solve questions. 

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Introduction to Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of the science of matter, not only described for its chemical reactions, but its composition, structure and properties as well.  The study of chemistry is involved with atoms and interactions of that atom with other atoms and mostly with the properties of chemical bonds. The study of chemistry is also involved with the interactions among atoms and various forms of energy.

Chemistry is sometimes known as "the central science" because it directly connects physics with other natural sciences such as geology or biology. Chemistry is a also known as sub-category of physical science but different from study of physics.

Chemistry has a standing for being a knotty subject. One of the reasons is that it contains so many different kinds of topics. In parallel, they are not much difficult to understand, but together, they are a lot to master.

Following are some imporatnt topics of Chemistry:

Atomic Structure, Inorganic Nomenclature, Chemical Composition, Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions, Stoichiometry, Gas Laws, Electron Configuration & Periodicity, Bonding, Molecular Geometry, Solutions, Equilibrium, Acid-Bases, Redox Reactions, Nuclear Chemistry.

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