Biochemistry, it is many times termed as biological chemistry, is the study of chemical procedures in the living organisms, involving, though is not limited to living matter simply. The laws of biochemistry administer all the living organisms and their processes. By controlling the flow of information via biochemical signaling and the flow of chemical energy via the action of metabolism, biochemical processes give mount to complexity of life.

A lot of the biochemistry deals with functions, structures, and connections of cellular components alike to proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids and numerous other biomolecules -however increasingly processes rather than individual molecules are the main focus. Among the huge number of various biomolecules, many of them are complicated and large molecules (termed as biopolymers), that includes of similar repeating subunits (termed as monomers). Each and every group of polymeric biomolecule has distinct set of subunit kinds. For example; a protein is a polymer whose subunits are chosen from a set of 20 or more amino acids. It studies the chemical properties of significant biological molecules, similar to proteins, and the chemistry of enzyme-catalyzed reactions.

The biochemistry of cell metabolism and endocrine system has been explained broadly. The other regions of biochemistry involve genetic code (like DNA, RNA), protein synthesis, signal transduction and cell membrane transport. Over the last forty years biochemistry has become booming at describing the living processes which now almost all the regions of the life sciences from botany to medicine are engaged by biochemical research. Nowadays the main focus of pure biochemistry is in understanding the biological molecules and how they give augment to the processes that take place within the living cells, which in turn associates appreciably to the study and understand entire organisms.


From blue whale to a small and microscopic organism, every living thing on earth is made up of one or more than one cells. There are many gigantic organisms on our earth, consist of trillion of cells. On the other hand, there are also many tiny organisms, made up of a single cell. And there may be different types of cells in a single organism. Let us take an example of us, the human being. We are made up of nearly 4 trillion of cells and we do not have same type of cells at all the body parts. But there is one thing in common in every type of cells. There must be many reactions going on all the time. These reactions are key for a cell to live.

As named, biochemistry is the part of biology where we study these chemical reactions, continuously occurring in every biological system. A huge portion of biochemistry deals with organic chemistry. This includes the molecular structures of bio molecules (like carbohydrate, protein, lipid, enzyme, nucleic acid, hormones etc.), how reactions take place inside a cell, what are the factors that influence these reactions. As we discussed earlier, these reactions are key for sustaining life, it is obvious that understanding biochemistry is very much important to get a proper idea how a biological system works. These reactions may be constructive (anabolism) or destructive (catabolism) and on the whole, these are called as metabolism. Besides, every bio molecule present inside a living organism have some exclusive properties and we must need to find out these characteristics for a better understanding of that particular organism.

On an applicative point of view, biochemistry has a whole lot of influence on modern day diagnostic procedure. We can measure the exact amount of particular bio molecules inside our system for various diagnostic purposes. And to this day, biochemical tests are the most reliable way to confirm diagnosis.


A major part of biochemistry deals with organic chemistry. And some may find this part of chemistry very hard. So, when solving a problem on biochemistry, this is obvious that one can face difficulties often. Moreover, it is more difficult to write an assignment on biochemistry than any other part of biology. Because, it needs a good understanding on that particular topic. Otherwise, he/she cannot get the assignment done perfectly.

  • Biochemistry is a part full of molecular structure of organic molecules (bimolecular), chemical formula, biochemical reactions, and many other complex structures. So, when solving a problem on biochemistry, it is difficult to do it perfectly without a proper guidance.
  • There are many books and articles on biochemistry, available online and offline. But to solve a problem, one must need to understand the whole part, associated with the problem. And as we discussed, many find biochemistry difficult to understand. So, some obvious problems will arise.
  • The thesis articles and research papers available are something difficult to internalize for a student. So, if one wants to use a thesis article or a research paper as source of information, it is not possible for a student to do that.
  • A major problem, that arises to everyone when solving a problem or preparing an assignment, is shortage of time. These days, a student is assigned for a number of assignments, which he/she has to submit within a short period of time. And sometimes, it is not possible for the student to submit all the assignments or the solutions within the given period of time.

These are some difficulties, which anyone can face while solving a problem on biochemistry.


Biochemistry is a subject of understanding. One must need to understand the topic while solving a problem on biochemistry. This is the first and foremost rule to follow.

  • Proper chemical formula with molecular structure should be provided with every biochemical reaction.
  • Organic structures are incomplete without a proper diagram. So, proper diagrams should be provided.
  • There must be a proper introduction and conclusion of the solution.
  • The solution must be attractive. Graphs, tables, charts should be included, if needed.
  • And most importantly, there must be a proper reference at the end of the solution.

These are some tips that can be helpful to solve a problem on biochemistry.


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