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Zoology is the branch of biology science which relates to the animal territory, comprising the embryology, structure, evolution, categorization, habits, and distribution of all animals, both existing and extinct. The term Zoology is derived from Ancient Greek word (zoon, “animal”) + (logos, “knowledge”).

Studying zoology gives you with professional knowledge in regions such as ethology (the science of animal behavior), animal biology (mainly physiology, molecular biology and genetics), conservation and ecology.

Additionally, this subject-specific knowledge, you will also build up practical experience of current laboratory and field research methods, giving you a range of scientific skills.


Zoology can be classified into two categories:

  • Vertebrate zoology
  • Invertebrate zoology

Vertebrate Zoology:

Vertebrate means to have a backbone or spinal column. Animals in this category comprise species of the phylum Chordata: birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. These are classified by a segmented spinal cord and a distinct distinguished head. Such animals possess internal skeletons that involve the vertebral column which at least partly encloses the spinal cord and a skull that houses the brain. Vertebrates also generally possess two pairs of limbs and an outer covering (i.e., fur, skin, feathers).

Invertebrate Zoology

Invertebrate means lacking a backbone. Animals in this group comprise species of the following: protozoan, cnidarians, annelids, echinoderms, nematodes, flatworms, molluscs, and arthropods. Invertebrates make up 90 percent of the Earth's animals. They range in size from small to extremely large. They have soft bodies and exterior skeletons.

Why zoology is most important filed in biology  

Zoology is a branch of biology that deals with the animal kingdom. It basically includes study of the behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals. It begins with the identification and classification of the animal. It also includes the diet, the climate, basically the ideal environment for it to grow and prosper. This branch is a very wide branch and hence, it is segregated into various other branches like zoography (deals with animal and their habitat), comparative anatomy (in it there is comparison between 2 different species to understand what features help how), Animal physiology, Behavioral ecology (study of the evolutionary basis for animal behavior due to ecological pressures), ethnology (study of animal behavior and instincts), invertebrate zoology (deals with the class of animals without a spinal cord), Vertebrate zoology (study of animals with a spinal cord), soil zoology (study of animals living fully or partially in the soil), Comparative zoology (it is the study of differences in the animals and their habitats). There are also other various taxonomy oriented disciplines like mamma logy, herpetology, ornithology, and entomology identify and classify species and study the structures and mechanisms specific to those groups. Zoology is very closely related with fields like evolutionary biology, molecular biology, paleontology and many more. The main person who changed the face of zoology is considered to be Charles Darwin. It was because of his theory of evolution did zoology get a great boost. His theory filled a lot of gaps in the zoology sciences that were present from before. It also gave rise to fields like evolutionary biology, and comparative sciences also became very vital to understand the animals better.

Why zoology is difficult sometimes for students?

As it is very evident, zoology is a very vast science. The assignments on such a vast science have the problem of vast research. The research data bank is so large that here is always a confusion regarding what should be included in the assignment. The format of the assignment is also a problem. The format varies a lot and at the same time, it plays a very important role in highlighting the matter at hand. Also, it is very important to maintain continuity in the matter in an assignment in this field. The assignment should cover all pertinent facts, but to decide which facts are pertinent and which can be omitted is a problem. In general, the problem is to condense matter enough to meet the word limit criteria of the assignments. Some assignments can turn out to be ground breaking especially in cases of extinct or endangered species. Hence, in topics like these innovative and original ideas are highly encouraged for preservation of the species. 

Few important tips for effective study of Zoology

The main thing before beginning a paper on zoology is to research. The research helps you to get a lot of matter. Following that you need to note down a thought chain that acts as an outline for the assignment. This will help you to stay on the topic and not lose focus. You will also need to be careful during transition from one sub-topic to another, an abrupt transition causes discontinuity to the reader and hence, the assignment appears cluttered. The format of the assignment is also very important. The assignment should have all the major facts like the classification and the scientific name. They should have a well-crafted identification characteristic section. The identification should be in order with the auditory and visual characteristics taking precedence. The assignment should have pertinent statistics. It should include any ongoing research on it. Also, a photograph if put in is always welcome. Also, if you are adding any original or innovative ideas, it should be carefully checked for feasibility before being entered. The overall format of the paper should be good and for that the student must refer to some articles from the international journals to understand how the format goes. 

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