Cell Biology

Cell Biology:

Cell-Basic unit of life:

The cell is a structural and functional unit of all living organisms. It is microscopic and capable of self-governing existence. Each and every living thing is made up of cells. The outward differences among the different biological forms might bewilder us. However underlying such differences is a powerful regularity. That is all biological systems are composed of similar kinds of molecules and they all utilize similar principles of organization at cellular level. For illustration, that all living organisms utilize the similar genetic code and an identical machinery for protein synthesis.

Organisms include organs, and organs are composed of tissues, tissues are built up of cells; and cells are made of organelles and organelles are made up of molecules. Though, in all living organisms, the cell is the functional unit. The entire biology revolves around the activity of cell. Loewy and Siekevitz stated cell as a unit of an organism surrounded by a plasma membrane in animal cells and cell wall and plasma membrane in plant cells. Therefore cell forms the fundamental unit of life.

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