In the science of genetics, a number of sweeping changes are taking place. A lowly bacterium which is available in the bowels of everyone that is Escherichia coli is drawing the attention of all scientists and learned persons. This bacterium has turn into one of the potentially very much powerful tools that is known to science in genetic manipulation, you will learn that we now comprise the capability to locate particular genes, to cut them apart from chromosomes, to insert them into the chromosomes of other species. Genes have been replicated numerous times to harvest their protein product in extreme large quantities. There are both beneficial and not beneficial in doing recombinant research on plants. Various important species like carrot, cabbage, citrus and potatoes can be grown from single cells. Thus, one time a gene is introduced to a cell, that cell’s clone can generate countless altered progeny. Several plant characteristics which require improvement like growth rate, size of edible parts and amino acid balance are polygenic – controlled through several genes. Most of the genes accountable for such type of traits were not yet identified. It is as well very hard to clone five or more genes that control a trait. These inevitable disadvantages are there in recombinant DNA technology.


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