Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning Electron Microscope:

SEM usually has a lower resolving power than that of TEM. It is very helpful for providing 3-dimensional images of the surface of microscopic objects. In this electrons are concentrated by means of lenses into a very fine point. The interaction of electrons with specimen outcomes in the discharge of various forms of radiation (example, secondary electrons) from the surface of the specimen. Such radiations are then captured by a suitable detector, amplified and then imaged on a TV screen.

The other significant methods in EM comprise the use of ultra thin sections of embedded material; a technique of freeze-drying specimen, that prevents the distortion caused by conventional drying process; and the utilizations of negative staining with an electro dense material like phosphotungstic acid or Uranyl salts. Such heavy metal salts give enough contrast to notice the details of the specimen.


 Figure: An Electron Microscope


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