Metallic character

Metallic character:

All transition elements are metals, as the number of electrons in the outermost shell is very small, being equivalent to 2. They show most of the properties of metals. They hold metallic lustre, high melting and boiling points, high density, malleability, ductility, high tensile strength, hardness, & brittleness, and so on. They are very good conductors of heat and electricity. They reveal all the three kinds of structures: face centred cubic (i.e., fee), hexagonal closed packed (i.e., hcp) and body centered cubic (i.e., bcc). Such properties reveal that both metallic and covalent bonding is present in the atoms of d-block elements.

The metallic bonding is due to tenure of one or two electrons in the outermost energy shell similar to alkali and alkaline earth metals and comparatively low ionization energies. Copper, silver and gold are exceptional in their thermal and electrical conductivities. The properties of rigidity and brittleness are related with covalent bonding. The existence of unpaired and unfilled d-orbitals favors covalent bonding. Bigger the number of unpaired d-electrons, bigger the number of covalent bonds and thus, greater is the strength of such bonds. Cr, Mo and W are very rigid metals as they have maximum number of unpaired d-orbitals whereas Zn, Cd and Hg are softer in nature since they do not have any unpaired d-orbitals.


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