Nitrogen Family

Group – 15 Elements – The Nitrogen Family:

The group 15 (VA) elements are phosphorus, nitrogen, arsenic, antimony and bismuth.

1) Nitrogen is a gas. It made up 78% of the earth’s atmosphere by volume.

2) Phosphorus is the most plentiful element of 15th group, accounting for 0.10% of the mass of earth’s crust.

3) Arsenic is also employed to make pesticides and semi conductors, like GeAs.

4) Bismuth is silvery solid. Bismuth compounds are existed in some pharmaceuticals like Pepto–bismol.

5) The natural abundance of Sb, As, and Bi in the earth’s crust is comparatively low.

General trends:

Electronic configuration: All such elements have general electronic configuration of ns2 np3.

                                                      Table: Electronic configuration of group 15 elements

884_nitrogen family.jpg


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