Biography of Mendel

Biography of Mendel:

Gregor Johann Mendel was born in the year 1822 to a family of poor farmers in Silisian, a village in Heizendorf that is now a portion of Czechoslovakia. After completing his high school, at the age of 18, he came in the Augustinian monastery at Brunn as a priest. From here he went to the University of Vienna for the training in Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Here he was persuaded by two scientists Franz Unger (a plant physiologist) and Christian Doppler (the physicist who introduced Doppler Effect) and he himself became fascinated in hybridization experiments.

Mendel returned to the monastery in the year 1854, and continued to work as a priest and teacher in the high school. In his extra time, he began his famous experiments on garden pea plant (i.e., Pisum sativum) that supposes great historic significance. He conducted his experiments in the monastery garden for around nine years from 1856 to 1865.

The findings of Mendel and his laws were printed in the journal Annual Proceedings of the Natural History Society of Brunn, in the year1865. The paper was entitled Experiments in Plant Hybridization. However his work was not accepted or lauded by the scientific globe at that time because:

a. The journal was vague.
b. His thought was far ahead of his time.
c. The scientists were busy with the disagreement over Darwin's Theory of Origin of species and
d. Mendel not being very definite of his findings lacked a violent approach.

Later in 1900, three scientists Hugo de Vries of Holland, Carl Correns from Germany, and Tshermak of Austria independently re-discovered Mendel's findings and brought to light the originality of father Mendel. To recognize his work, it was referred as Mendel's Laws and Mendelism.

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