Benefits from bio fertilizers

Benefits from bio fertilizers:

1. It is easy to generate in abundance and is available at low cost to the marginal farmers.

2. bio fertilizers increases soil fertility without causing any damage to the soil.

3. Application of bio fertilizers increases yield upto 45 % and the left over bio fertilizers in the soil increases yield as long as the bio fertilizer remains in the soil up to 3 to 4 years.

4. Azolla that is a bio fertilizer amends the soil with organic matter. Cyanobacteria in specific secrete growth promoting hormones such as indole 3-acetic acid, naphthalene acetic acid, indole butyric acid, aminoacids, protein and vitamins to soil.

5. Cyanobacteria well grow both in acidic also in alkaline soils. Because, cyanobacteria are potent neutralizers, they assist in the neutralization of soil. The procedure of converting untenable, fallow land to cultivable soil is known as soil reclamation. Blue green algae play a very important role in this conversion.

6. Symbiotic nitrogen fixing Rhizobium is a bio fertilizer. It adds 50 to 150 Kg of nitrogen to soil per hectare. Azatobacter and Azospirillum secrete antibiotics that work as biopesticides.

7. Ectotrophic mycorrhiza that works a bio fertilizer increases the surface area of the roots of host plants, thus that more absorption of nutrients through the roots is made possible.


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