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An introduction to DAT (Dental Admission Test):

The DAT is the abbreviation of Dental Admission Test which is a multiple-choice standardized exam conducted by the ADA (American Dental Association) for the candidates looking for admission to dental schools. The DAT exam has been in operation countrywide since from the year 1950. The Dental Admission Test is a computer based test which can be governed almost any day of the year. The DAT are taken at Prometric testing exam centers all through the United States after the preface application via the American Dental Association is finished. The DAT is framed or build to determine general academic skills, comprehension of scientific information, and perceptual capability. As all dental schools need candidates to take part in the DAT Program, test outcomes are just one factor considered in assessing candidate admission potential.

Each and every student might merely take the test a total of thrice prior to having to ask special permission to take the examination once more. After taking the exam you should wait for 3 months (that is, 90 days) before repeating it. The exam fee is around $385, which is non-refundable.

Why DAT exam is significant?

A descent or good score on DAT is a necessary requirement for entry into numerous dental schools. Getting enviable scores on this examination makes sure dental schools that the candidates have ample knowledge in pre-dental sciences, comprehension sections and general studies. In total, DAT offers candidates with a superb means of entry into dental schools which are certified by the American Dental Association's or Commission on Dental Accreditation (ADA or CDA).

Structure of the DAT:

I) Survey of the Natural Sciences:

  • Time: 90 minutes
  • Format: 100 multiple-choice problems, subdivided into three areas:

- Biology (40 questions)

- Inorganic Chemistry (30 questions)

- Organic Chemistry (30 questions)

  • What it Tests: Knowledge of university-level sciences: Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

II) Perceptual Ability:

  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Format: 90 multiple-choice problems, subdivided into six parts of 15 questions each:

- Apertures (keyholes)

- Paper folding (Hole punching)

- View Recognition

- Angle Discrimination

- Cube Counting

- 3-D Form Development

  • What it Tests: Skill to visualize and mentally manipulate objects in 3-dimensions with angle discrimination.

III) Reading Comprehension:

  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Format: 50 multiple-choice problems; 3 passages followed by 16 to 17 questions each
  • What it Tests: Skill to read, comprehend and analyze systematically basic scientific information in comprehensive passages.
  • Preparatory Courses: English, English literature and courses in Arts, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences which need reading and analysis.

IV) Quantitative Reasoning:

  • Time: 45 minutes
  • Format: 40 multiple-choice problems
  • What it Tests: Expertise in math and problem-solving abilities on the given topics: fractions, decimals, conversions, percentages, algebra, probability, word problems, geometry and trigonometry.

In what way TutorsGlobe can assist you in DAT Exam preparation?

Online experts at TutorsGlobe are extremely skilled, experienced and qualified teachers. They are mainly acknowledged for their creativeness and understanding of the worth for the development of the concepts and simple tips and tricks techniques on DAT. They pass a thorough training for few weeks and are capable to meet up international modes of teaching.

We are as well familiar that there are many students who understand the concept well if it is in a visualized form. For those students, we comprise our teaching mode through, clip arts, sketches, pictures, slides which makes simple to understand and memorize.

The Right Tools to a Higher Score:

The comprehensive courses offered by TutorsGlobe are completely research based and specially framed to assist students in gaining a systematic understanding of the test. It is not sufficient to be prepared. You must sense confident on Exam Day.

Preparation with our professional tutor:

1) Screening: We at TutorsGlobe invigilate the screening test, grade, examine and give the proper feedback.

2) Tutoring: We suggest a tutoring plan and pace based on your primary screening.

3) Guided Practice: We mainly practice your weak areas of necessitate and supervise your improvement.

4) Practice Test: Acquire your latest baseline scores and outlook recommendations.

In what manner the DAT package is customized?

The entire program is completely personalized to meet up your requirements. We build a tailored package based on your accessibility and as well on the performance in the diagnostic test. The professionals of TutorsGlobe are very good in analyzing the weak and strong regions of students and frame the package in such a way that student will master in each and every section. This tailored package offer students the sense of soothe and confidence which raises the capability to attain a high score.

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