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An introduction to Regents Examination

The exams of Regents are conducted state wise which is given each and every year in specific subjects: Math, Science, English, History and foreign languages. They are planned to help colleges and universities in making admission assessments and give measures of efficiency and devotion of student to the State's prescribed prospectus. Moreover establishment in the 1990s, most high school students in the State were mandatory to pass some Regents exams in order to receive a high school diploma.

In the SED (State Education Department), the Office of State Assessment administers the development and administration of the Regents exams. Local school executives are liable for scoring the exams and reporting the outcomes to SED.

SED publishes a Scoring Key and Rating Guide (as well termed as Rubrics) for every Regents exam. The Rubrics comprises of the right answers for the questions with one right answer and fill-in-the-blank questions and essays. The Rubrics as well include instructions for awarding partial credit where pertinent (like on essays) and guidelines for transforming the raw exam score to the ultimate published score.

SED as well consist of specialists in each and every exam subject, who might be asked by the schools throughout the examination time if it is not clear how a specific question or exam must be scored. To further make sure scoring correctness and constancy all through the State, SED hires skilled consultants to examine scoring variations among schools and individual raters and to periodically carry out a statewide assessment to review the correctness of local scoring practices.

The exam of Regent is rated by teachers at the schools giving the exams. The school principal is liable for choosing the raters for each and every exam and observing the scoring procedure to make sure that it is done in accordance with SED instructions.

The diploma of Regents is granted to students in a subject if they score equivalent to or above 65 in that subject. There are 5 Regents Examinations accessible for students to acquire:

A) Integrated Algebra (or Math A)

B) Global History and Geography

C) Comprehensive English

D) U.S. History and Government

E) One or more Regents science course (Earth Science, Biology or Living Environment, Chemistry or Physics).

The exam of Regents is carried 3-times a year in the months of January, June and August. The exams are generally of 3-hours. The structure of exam is as follows:

Part 1) A multiple-choice section, which generally has 30 to 50 questions.

Part 2) A long answer or essay.

Part 3) There is a third segment on listening skills (having passages read aloud by a proctor) for the test of foreign language.

Comprehensive English consists of two separate 3-hour examinations distributed over 2 consecutive days. Assessment of Earth Science comprises of a (around) 41 minute laboratory component and is taken through students 2-weeks before the three hour written examination. The component of Earth Science laboratory is presently undergoing a transform in format. Various foreign language Regents encompass oral assessments prior to the written test. They are not included from the 3 hour examination for the language subject. Math A and Math B of regent examinations are now removed and are substituted by a revised and incorporated Math curriculum. Regents Board has sub divided Math curriculum into 3 sections that is, Algebra I, Algebra II-Geometry and Trigonometry, with examination conducted at the end of every year for specific topic.

Course list of Regents:

1) Regents Mathematics:

  • Integrated Algebra I
  • Algebra II and Trigonometry
  • Geometry

2) Regents Science:

  • Physics/The Physical Setting (in January & June)
  • Chemistry/The Physical Setting
  • Biology/The Living Environment
  • Earth Science/The Physical Setting

3) Languages other than English, merely offered every June

  • French
  • Hebrew
  • German
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Spanish (offered in January also)

4) Social Studies:

  • American History
  • US Government and Economic
  • Global History and Geography

5) English Language Arts:

  • Comprehensive English

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