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Overview of the College-Level Examination Program or CLEP:

The College Board governs the College-Level Examination Program simply known as CLEP to offer students a chance to exhibit or show undergraduate-level understanding of the core subjects. Almost all the colleges and universities in the United States will reward qualifying scores on the CLEP examinations with college credit. It consists of 34 examinations in the present sequence, running the array from Psychology to Pre-calculus, from Spanish to computer applications and information systems. The exam of CLEP just cost $70 and acquires few hours to finish. If you are uncertain whether your university or college will accept the scores of CLEP in lieu of course-work, you must discuss with the on-line listings at the College Board site or contact the suitable admissions office or academic counselor.

Prototype of CLEP Exam:

Most of such CLEP exams encompass usually multiple choices questions in nature. Though, some other examinations can encompass fill-in or ordering segments as well. CLEP English exam consists of an essay segment as well. Multiple choice tests are generally marked against a sum of 20 to 80 marks. Most of the institutions generally award credits for a score of 50 or above, though, it again differs across various colleges and universities. Credits for the foreign language tests are concluded by one's score in the exam. For illustration, a score of 50 can bring one 8 credits, a score of 62 can bring 12 credits and a score of 73 can bring 18 credits. In general, the schools find out the number of credits one obtains for clearing an exam.

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In what way TutorsGlobe can assist you in CLEP Exam preparation?

Online experts at TutorsGlobe are extremely skilled, experienced and qualified teachers. They are mainly acknowledged for their creativeness and understanding of the worth for the development of the concepts and simple tips and tricks techniques on CLEP. They pass a thorough training for few weeks and are capable to meet up international modes of teaching.

We are as well familiar that there are many students who understand the concept well if it is in a visualized form. For those students, we comprise our teaching mode through, clip arts, sketches, pictures, slides which makes simple to understand and memorize.

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The Right Tools to a Higher Score:

The comprehensive courses offered by TutorsGlobe are completely research based and specially framed to assist students in gaining a systematic understanding of the test. It is not sufficient to be prepared. You must sense confident on Exam Day.

Our preparation options comprise:

  • Live tutoring with skilled teachers, in-person or online.
  • Timed practice and assessment.
  • Confirmed test-taking tactics.
  • Invigilator based full-length practice tests.
  • Thorough Smart Reports which track your improvement to a higher score.

In what manner the CLEP package is customized?

The entire program is completely personalized to meet up your requirements. We build a tailored package based on your accessibility and as well on the performance in the diagnostic test. The professionals of TutorsGlobe are very good in analyzing the weak and strong regions of students and frame the package in such a way that student will master in each and every section. This tailored package offer students the sense of soothe and confidence which raises the capability to attain a high score.


We mainly offer two types of packages which are explained below:

A) Fast Track Course for 60 hours (Price: $ 700)

B) Comprehensive Course for 140 hours (Price: $ 1200)

Fast Track Course: 60 Hours

The period for Fast track course for CLEP preparation is around 60 hours. It covers up the entire section intensively.


Topics Covered

Time Duration

Diagnostic test

45 min

Discussion based on the diagnostic test and selecting strong and weak areas

45 min

Business Management

Financial Accounting

3 hour

Business Management

Introductory Business Law

3 hour

Business Management

Information Systems and Computer Applications

3 hour

Business Management

Principles of Management

3 hour

Business Management

Principles of Marketing

3 hour

Business Management


2 hour

Composition and Literature

American Literature

3 hour

Composition and Literature

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

3 hour

Composition and Literature

English Composition with or without Essay

3 hour

Composition and Literature

English Literature

3 hour

Composition and Literature


3 hour

Composition and Literature


2 hour

Foreign Languages

French Language

2 hour

Foreign Languages

German Language

2 hour

Foreign Languages

Spanish Language

2 hour

History and Social Sciences

American Government

3 hour

History and Social Sciences

Introduction to Educational Psychology

3 hour

History and Social Sciences

History of the United States

3 hour

History and Social Sciences

Human Growth and Development

3 hour

History and Social Sciences


3 hour

History and Social Sciences

Western Civilization

2 hour

Final Assessment test

45 min

Complete discussion on the endeavor of CLEP preparation

45 min

Comprehensive Course: 140 Hours

The period for Comprehensive course for CLEP Preparation is around 140 hours. It covers up the entire exhaustively.

Business Management (50 Hours)

Financial Accounting (10 Hours)

Introductory Business Law (10 Hours)

Information Systems and Computer Applications (8 Hours)

Introduction to accounting

Structuring a Business

Information Technology in Business

Cash & Fund flow statement

Taxation and basic accounting

Data, Information and Knowledge

Budgetary Control

Corporate Governance

Information Systems for Enterprise

Cost accounting

Financing Business and Raising Investment

Data Base Management Systems

Standard Costing and Variance Analysis

Employee Management Labor Law

Computer Software

Principles of Management (8 Hours)

Principles of Marketing (8 Hours)

Review (6 Hours)

Overview of management

Marketing strategy

Financial Accounting


Market planning

Principles of Management-Marketing


Retailing and Wholesaling

Business Law


International Marketing



Market Segmentation


Composition and Literature (20 Hours)

Composition and Literature

  • Composition and Literature 
  • Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
  • English Composition with or without Essay
  • English Literature
  • Humanities

Foreign Languages (30 Hours)

French Language, German Language, Spanish Language

History and Social Sciences (40 Hours)

American Government (6 Hours)

Introduction to Educational Psychology (6 Hours)

History of the United States (6 Hours)

American Political Culture

Cognitive Development and Language

American History to 1865

Constitution: Origins and Structure

Self and Social and Moral Development

The World Since 1945

Bill of Rights and Contemporary Issues

Culture and Diversity

Modern American Intellectual History


Behavioral Views of Learning


Human Growth and Development (6 Hours)

Macroeconomics-Microeconomics (10 Hours)

Western Civilization (6 Hours)

Developmental theories and research methods

Principles of Macroeconomics

The Origins of Civilization

Biology of development

Principles of Microeconomics

The Birth of the Europe

Death, dying and bereavement

Intermediate Microeconomics

The Decline of the West


Applied Macroeconomics



Industrial Organization


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