What is Code?

What is the Code?

Code or program development  is a practically implementation of  the design  specific programming language. Code is always   developed by the programmers  or coders or  software engineers. We always want  an  error free reliable understandable readable efficient and effective code. To  have all such  things it is basically based upon  the programming  language used and some more aspects related to it. So  to develop an efficient code .

I would  like to  discuss some  major  issue related it. They are given below as:

Code guidelines

Program Quality

Code Guidelines

To develop an efficient  and structure code we must have some  rules standards and guidelines which can help us a lot. So  the following  set of code guidelines  can always  be applied  when detail design is translated into code.

1. Simplify  arithmetic and logical expression  before committing  to  code.

2. Carefully evaluate nested loops to determine  if statements or expressions  can be moved outside.

3. When possible avoid the use of multi dimensional arrays.

4. When possible avoid the use of pointers and complex lists.

5. Don't mix  data types even if the language  allows it.

6. Use integer arithmetic and Boolean expressions whenever possible .

Many  compliers have optimizing features that automatically generate  efficient  code by collapsing repetitive expression performing loop evaluations, using  fast arithmetic and applying  other efficiency  related algorithms.

Program quality

British standards institution has provided the  definition  of quality as:

Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service which  bear on its  ability to satisfy a given  need.

If this quality term is merged with program  or code then the program quality can be  defined as:

Program quality is the collection of  attributes of a program so that  is makes itself able  enough  to  satisfy the needs:

We often  say that  the quality of this program is good ( or bad) this quality is basically measured by various attributes  likes if we say  that program  is robust enough  that  means that the  feature  robustness feature of the  program quality  has high percentage in the  program.

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