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Introduction to Theoretical Physics

Theoretical physics is a category of physics which utilizes mathematical models and abstractions of physics to diminish, predict and explain natural phenomena. This is different from experimental physics, because experimental physics uses experimental utensils to probe these phenomena.

The innovation of science depends generally on the interplay among experimental researches and hypothesis. In a number of cases, hypothetical physics adhere to standards of mathematical rigor whilst giving small weight to experiments and observations. For illustration, while developing special relativity, scientist Albert Einstein was alarmed with the Lorentz transformation which left Maxwell's equations invariant, but was actually apathetic in the Michelson-Morley experiment on Earth's drift through luminiferous ether. Alternatively, for explaining the photoelectric effect Einstein was awarded by the Nobel Prize, for describing the photoelectric effect, formerly an experimental result lacking a hypothetical formulation.

A physical hypothesis is a model of physical events; umpired by the extent to which their forecasts agree with pragmatic observations. The quality of a physical hypothesis can also umpire on its capability to make new forecasts which can be confirmed by new observations. A physical hypothesis is different from a mathematical theorem in that while both are depend on some type of axioms. Conclusion of mathematical applicability is not depending on agreement with any experimental results.

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A physical hypothesis includes one or more relationships among several measurable quantities. Archimedes get realize that a ship floats by shifting its mass of water, Pythagoras understands the relation among the length of a vibrating string and the musical tone it generates and how to compute the length of a rectangle's diagonal. Other instances involve entropy as a measure of the ambiguity regarding the motions and positions of hidden particles and the quantum mechanical thought that (action and) energy are not constantly variable.

Occasionally the hallucination given by pure mathematical systems can offer clues to how a physical system could be modeled; example, the notion, because of Riemann and others, that space itself might be bent.

Hypothetical development may comprise in setting aside old, incorrect paradigms (example, Astronomical bodies rotate around the Earth, or Burning consists of evolving phlogiston) or may be an alternative model which offers answers that are more precise or that can be more widely applied.

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