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The atomic and nuclear physics is amongst the most remarkable scientific achievements of the previous century. Mutually the hypothesis and the technique of atomic and nuclear physics keep a vital part in the life science. The hypothesis given a solid foundation for considerate the formation and communication of organic molecules and the techniques offered by several tools for experimental and clinical job. Contributions from this branch have been so many and powerful that it is not viable to do them impartially in a chapter. Here is a summarize explanation of the atom and the nucleus that will guide into a conversation of the applications of the atomic and the nuclear physics to the life sciences.

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Aboriginal Models of the Atom:

Several vital facts had been discovered by J. J. Thompson, E. Rutherford and their team in 1912. Through their work they conclude following about atoms:

  • Atoms hold little negatively charged electrons and comparatively heavier positively charged protons.
  • The proton, which is approx 2000 times heavier than the electron, has the same magnitude of the charge.
  • An atom contains several positively charged protons as negatively charged electrons. So, as a whole, the atom is electrically neutral.
  • The uniqueness of an atom is resolute by the integer of protons it has. For example, hydrogen contains 1 proton, carbon has 6 and silver contains 47 protons. During a sequence of inventive experiments, Rutherford described his astounding results by mounting a new atomic model which was showed as follows:
  • The positive charge in the atom was intense in a section which was petite relative to the mass of the atom. This positive charge concentration was called the Nucleus of the atom by him.
  • Any of the electrons, which are belonging to the atom, were supposed to be in the relative huge amount outside the nucleus. To describe why these electrons were not pulled into the nucleus by the eye-catching electric force, Rutherford modeled them as moving in orbits across the nucleus similarly as the planets orbit the Sun. This is the reason why this model is often known as "The planetary model of the atom".
  • It was consequently revealed that the nucleus also holds another particle, named neutron, which is electrically neutral, but has around similar mass as the proton has.
  • Even though the nucleus holds the majority of the atomic mass, it engages only a petite part ofthe total atomic volume. The diameter of the whole atom is on the order of 10-8 cm, but the diameter of the nucleus is only about 10-13 cm.

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Figure: Rutherford ′s planetary model of the atom.

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