Programming Languages

Programming Languages:

It is a set of commands, instructions, and other syntax use to develop any software program. Languages that programmers refer to write code are called as "high-level languages." This code can be compiled in a "low-level language," which is directly recognized by the computer hardware.

High-level languages are designed to be simple to read and understand. It let programmers to write source code in a natural fashion, by using logical words and symbols. For instance, reserved words like function, whereas, if, and else are utilized in mostly major programming languages. Symbols such as <, >, ==, and! = are common operators. Various high-level languages are similar adequate that programmers can easily understand source code written in multiple languages.

For example C++, Java, Perl, and PHP. Languages such as C++ and Java are called "compiled languages" as the source code must first be compiled to run. Languages such as Perl and PHP are called "interpreted languages" since the source code can be run through an interpreter without being compiled. In general, compiled languages are utilized to create software applications, whereas interpreted languages are utilized for running scripts, such as those utilized to generate content for dynamic websites.

Low-level languages include assembly languages and machine languages. An assembly language consist a list of basic instructions and is much harder to read than a high-level language. In rare situation, a programmer may decide to code a fundamental program in an assembly language to make sure it operates as efficiently as possible. An assembler can be utilized to translate the assembly code into machine code. The machine language, or machine code, contains a series of binary codes that are directly understood by a computer's CPU. Unnecessary to say, machine language is not human readable language.

Applications and Program development:

Application and program development involves programs you work on each day bases. For instance, the Internet browser you are using to view this web page is assumed a program. If you are interested in writing your own programs you should suppose the languages as: C, C#, C++, Java etc.

Artificial Intelligence development:

AI or related fields could involve anything from creating the character interactions in computer games, portions of programs that take the decisions in chat bots, programs or any other associated programs. If you're interested in writing your own AI you must consider the languages as: C, C#, C++, Prolog etc.

Database development:

Database developers develop and maintain databases. If you're interested in developing your own database or maintaining other databases you should suppose any of the languages like: DBASE, MySql, FoxPro, etc.

Game development:

It involves the development of computer games or other entertainment software. If you're interested in developing your own games you should assume the languages like: C#, JAVA DarkBASIC etc.

Internet and web page development:

The Internet and web page development is the essence of the Internet, without any developers we would have no Internet. If you're wished to developing your own web pages, developing Internet applications, or Internet associated tasks, you should suppose the languages like: PHP, HTML ASP.NET etc.

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