Social Geography

Social Geography:

This geography is the branch of human geography which is most closely concerned to social theory in common and sociology in specific, dealing along with the association of social phenomena and its spatial components. Although the term itself has a tradition of more than 100 years, there is no consensus upon its explicit content. During 1968, Anne Buttimer noticed that "along with several notable exceptions, (...) social geography can be indentified a field cultivated and created by a number of individual scholars rather than an academic tradition built up inside specific schools". Because then, despite several call for convergence centered upon the structure and agency debate, its topical, methodological and theoretical diversity has spread even more, leading to numerous descriptions of social geography and, thus, contemporary scholars of the discipline considering a great variety of various social geographies. Conversely, as Benno Werlen remarked, these dissimilar perceptions are nothing else than various type of answers to the similar two (sets of) questions, that refer to the spatial constitution of society conversely, and to the spatial expression of social processes conversely.

Initially it was explained as the study of the spatial patterns of social, like distinct from economic and political, factors. The subject might currently be subdivided in three categories. The primary lies in the spatial expression of capitalism; the city has a social structure like an expression of class structures that are shown the image in its morphology. The other aspect stresses the ‘alternative’ view of human geography that studies the response of the economically disadvantaged quite than the successful. A third type of emphasizes welfare geography.

How is social geography related to geography?

Generally geography is the study of the earth, but social geography is the study of people and their consequences on, and movement around the world.

Fundamentally, social geography is a sub-topic of geography which merely focus' upon the human side to this.
Topics of social geography comprise urbanization, urban decay energy and migration.

History of social geography:

The diverse conceptions of social geography have also been overlapping on along with the other sub-fields of geography and, to a lesser extent, sociology. While the term emerged inside the Anglo-American tradition in the 1960s, this was fundamentally applied like a synonym for the search for patterns in the distribution of social groups, hence being closely linked to urban sociology and urban geography. During the 1970s, the focus of debate inside American human geography provide political economic processes while there also was a considerable number of accounts for a phenomenological perspective on social geography, whereas during the 1990s, geographical consideration was heavily initiated through the "cultural turn". Both times, as Neil Smith noted, these approaches "claimed authority above the 'social'". In the American tradition, the idea of cultural geography has a more differentiated history than social geography, and encompasses research regions that would be conceptualized like "social" elsewhere. In contrast, inside several continental European traditions, social geography was and now is identified an approach to human geography quite than a sub-discipline, or still as equal to human geography in common.

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