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Geography is the study of science that observes the lands, its features, the citizens and the existence of the Earth. A particular paraphrase would be "to describe or write about Earth". The first person who use the term "Geography", was Eratosthenes (276-194 BC). There are 4 historical traditions in geographical research which are the spatial examination of the natural and the human occurrence, the lands and places analysis, the study of the man-land connection and the study in the earth sciences. Though, the modern geography is an all-inclusive field that chiefly seeks to understand the Earth and all its human and natural complexities-not merely where substances are, but how they have changed and come out to be. Geography has been referred as "the world discipline" and "the link between the human and the physical science". The two major subclasses in this discipline are human geography and physical geography.

Conventionally, geographers have been viewed in the similar way as cartographers and people who study places names and numbers. Although various geographers are skilled in toponymy and cartology, this is not their main passion. Geographers research the spatial and the temporal allocation of phenomena, processes and descriptions and the interaction of humans and their environment also. Because space and place affect various topics as economics, climate, health, plants and animals; geography is tremendously interdisciplinary.

Geography as a subject can be divided into two main sub-fields: human geography and physical geography. The former majorly focuses on the built environment and how humans see, create, deal with and affect space. The latter analyses the natural surroundings and how water, climate, organisms, soil and landforms develop and act together. The variety among these approaches leads to a third field, the environmental geography that connects the physical and the human geography and glance at the connections among the environment and humans.

Importance of Geography in academics

Today issues like Ecological restoration of Amazon basin, Threat to Marine biodiversity, oil spill, climate change, Atmospheric aerosols reign the global environmental scenario.

New and exciting careers such as environmental list, demographer, climatologist, urban planner, oceanographer, remote sensing, analyst, geospatial analyst are listed among the fastest growing careers of the world.

Obviously, this is a great time to be a geographer, as salaries and job growth continues to be higher than average in this field. Indeed Geography as a subject is assuming increasing importance in today's academic curriculum. Not only is it modern ,dabbling in changing global issues, but also ones window to the world, opening vistas of opportunity for those seeking something new and unique.

However students of Geography today face several issues in the smooth assimilation of the subject. Often zones related to topics are so vast and scattered that one tends to feel lost in terms of application. In the case study method, one is left unfamiliar about a marginally different phenomenon in other parts of the world. The readers' life patterns may not match those in another part of the world. So it often becomes difficult to comprehend a particular phenomenon. Most solutions to new issues are not universally applicable. Lastly a lot is left to nature and remains unpredictable.

Topics for projects recommended

  • Green earth vs. modern resources
  • Cultivation, production, encouragement of biodiesel
  • Oil Spills and coast ecology
  • Poverty: A Third world Perspective
  • Naturally fermented ethnic soybean foods of India
  • Deforestation and population
  • Impact of Drought on farmers in India
  • Carbon credits And Farmers in Alberta
  • Organic Farming in China
  • Mud Crab Farming in India-a sustainable livelihood

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Geography Homework Help -Assignment Help

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