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It is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the environment. Studies in the field stretch back millennia, though significant progress in meteorology did not arise till the eighteenth century. The nineteenth century seems breakthroughs arise after observing networks developed across some countries. After the advance of the computer in the latter half of the twentieth century, breakthroughs in weather forecasting were achieved.

The field of atmospheric or meteorology science is a relative newcomer as an academic discipline. Most programs in meteorology/atmospheric science were established throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Throughout that duration the discipline experienced quick growth that has continued in the present era.

Several advances in atmospheric or meteorology science can be attributed to breakthroughs in associated areas of engineering, physics, mathematics and technology. Meteorological satellites, supercomputers, weather radars, and the modern in the other remote-sensing technologies have been implemented not only for scientific inquiry but also for weather forecasting.

One wide area of meteorological research encompasses the numerical modeling, observation, and prediction of weather systems as hurricanes, heavy snow and severe storms events. The other atmospheric or meteorologists scientists achieve research in such different areas like climate modeling, atmospheric dynamics, atmospheric electricity, atmospheric chemistry, turbulence, climate change, precipitation physics, planetary atmospheres and sun-earth interactions. Interdisciplinary research efforts totally focus upon national initiatives within the "ozone hole", earth acid rain, system science, global change and various areas of concern.

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A meteorologist is a term frequently utilized to illustrate anyone who studies meteorology. Popularly, some weather reporter on t.v. is frequently termed as a meteorologist, but such is not all the time the case. During 1990, the American Meteorological Society put an official description of a meteorologist.

This is a particular along with specialized education that utilizes scientific principles to describe, know, forecast or observe the earth's atmospheric phenomena or and how the atmosphere influences the life and earth on the planet. This particular education would be a bachelor's or higher degree in or an atmospheric meteorology science. Individuals who contain little formal education in the atmospheric sciences, or who have acquired only industry survey courses, and who circulate weather forecasts and information prepared through others, are correctly designated weathercasters.

Types of Meteorologists:

Meteorologist work in a range of fields each along with a particular area of study. Fundamentally, a meteorologist is an expert scientist that focuses upon a few aspect of the atmosphere. The subsequent list represents just several types of meteorologists.

Broadcast Meteorologists: These folks are the people who report and interpret the weather for television.

Research Meteorologists: some of these scientists work for the National Weather Service or the other government agency. NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the military, mostly have a specific issue they are studying.

Teachers and Professors: some people utilize their knowledge of the meteorology and atmosphere to be educators. Sharing your knowledge in a college level or high school can assist to create future generations of meteorologists.

Forensic Meteorologists: This kind of meteorologist will frequently investigate claims for insurance companies on earlier weather or research weather for a court of law.

Consulting Meteorologists: big companies at this time hire meteorologists for consultation work. Companies as Target, M and M Candies and also Liz Claiborne all hire meteorologists to enhance their selling and buying power.

Climate Meteorologists: This kind of meteorologist seems long-term weather patterns and data to assist predict past climate data and future climate trends.

Archive Meteorologists: some weather scientists will also be in charge of researching, reporting, and verifying on storms of the past.

History of Meteorology:

This science runs back to regarding 340 BC, along with Aristotle forming the primary observations of weather and atmosphere in his work "The Meteorologica".

The interaction of earth’s atmosphere along with the sun, the moon and the other planets were studied in those ages. Modern science never totally accepted this process of weather prediction.

Before computers appeared along to assist us explain what meteorology is, the invention of raising complicated methods assisted us gain an improved understanding of physics of atmospheric. Such scientific approach led us to arise along with the capability to generate numerical weather predictions. Although this was after the advent of large scale utilization of computers in 1950s as numerical weather predictions became a simpler task.

Now along with the assist of satellites and monitoring of atmosphere always, met men are capable to make helpful weather forecasts. Meteorological sensors can at this time find out the temperatures at several levels and at various locations and levels inside the atmosphere, the movement of air in various directions, altitudes and consequently forth are studied suitably.

Sophisticated computer programs generate 1000’s of calculations based upon different physics equations which joint independent properties of air, its behavior and modifications in diverse pressure and temperature conditions.

Future predictions:

Faster micro-processors and more perfect collection of atmospheric data from around the earth will assist forecasters generate weather reports along with even greater accuracy.

Although there are claims to create artificial rains, mainly meteorological scientists strike them down.

Meteorology vs. Climatology:

Both are two terms which seem to have the similar meaning but strictly speaking there is dissimilarity among the two terms. Climatology deals along with the scientific study of climate. And Meteorology is the study of the phenomena and processes of the atmosphere particularly as a means of forecasting the weather.

Occasionally Meteorology refers also to the atmospheric character of an area. This is the department of climatology which works on the matter of global warming. Conversely, the department of meteorology works along with the primary responsibility of giving information concerning the trends occurring in the atmosphere. It is completed by keeping in mind weather forecast. Climatology primary deals along with the trends in climatic changes upon a global origin. It is one of the major dissimilarities between climatology and meteorology.

Climatology also creates a throughout observation and study of the man-made climate or global warming. This takes the sea surface temperatures that are termed as SSTs. This can forward information concerning the advent of hurricane cyclones and seasons. The meteorology department conversely forwards information about the temperatures of various areas. This can provide information concerning the highest and lowest temperatures of any specified area.

Climatology studies the modifying trends in the climate scientifically. This requires the assist of eminent scientists or climatologists who effort in unison in making a scientific study of the changing climate. Climatology also provides information about long-term climate based upon the scientific study. Conversely meteorology can offer a short-term description of the weather based upon the phenomena of atmosphere. The feature of atmospheric behavior is considered into account to a huge extent in the meteorology case. Or else both meteorology and climatology works on the similar lines. There is not more of dissimilarity in the way in which they function along with the help of the scientific instruments.

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