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Introduction to nuclear chemistry

Nuclear chemistry is the field of study in chemistry which have a concerned with radioactivity, nuclear processes and nuclear properties.

Nuclear chemistry is the part of chemistry of radioactive elements example for this is like the radium, radon & actinides together with the chemistry linked with equipment for give details nuclear reactors that are designed to get nuclear processes. That involve the corrosion of surfaces & the behaviour under the both normal and abnormal conditions (like during an accident). A major area is the behaviour of materials and objects after being positioned into a disposal or nuclear waste storage site.

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Nuclear chemistry get involves the study of the chemical properties and effects resulting from the absorption of radiation in plants, living animals, and other materials. The radiation chemistry control much of radiation biology like radiation has an reaction on living things at the molecular scale, to give details it another way the radiation changes the biochemical in an organism, the variation of the biomolecules then changes the chemistry which occurs in the organism, this modification in biochemistry then may lead to a biological outcome. As an outcome nuclear chemistry so much assists the understanding of medical treatments (such as cancer radiotherapy) and has enabled these treatments to improve.

The learning of the production and use of radioactive sources for a range of processes is involved in nuclear chemistry. These include radiotherapy in medical applications; the make use of radioactive tracers in industry, and the make use of radiation to change materials like science and polymers and the environment.

The study and use of nuclear processes in non-radioactive areas of human activity is also involved in nuclear chemistry. Examples for this, is physical chemistry and for structural analysis in macromolecular chemistry and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is usually employed in synthetic organic chemistry.

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