Protein biosynthesis

Protein biosynthesis:

In a protein molecule amino acids are connected together through peptide bonds. In the procedure of protein synthesis as well termed as translation of mRNA, the amino acids are added sequentially in a particular number.
The protein synthesizing method includes the following steps:

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The creation of RNA complementary to a DNA strand is known as transcription. In this procedure, the RNAs needed for protein synthesis are synthesized on DNA strands. This reaction is catalyzed via the enzyme RNA polymerase.

The enzyme, RNA polymerase I, II, III are included in the synthesis of rRNA (ribosomal RNA) mRNA (messenger RNA) and tRNA (transfer RNA) correspondingly in the eukaryotes. In prokaryotes just only one type of RNA polymerase is exist to synthesize all the 3 classes of RNA.

In the DNA double helix, one of the strands works as a template to generate RNA. The RNA generated through transcription is inactive and is known as pre-RNA. They turn into active after additional processing. All these RNA are processed via chemical reactions and structural modifications.


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