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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management refers to the management of demand and supply of the products and services to the consumers or retailers or wholesalers so that to ensure their utmost satisfaction.

Supply Chain Management provides product and services to the consumers in highly optimized manner that is in no time. Like McDonalds implements the best supply chain management to offer best services to students. This includes optimization of various processes and transfer like procuring and storing the products, storage of raw materials, and inventory of finished product from one place to another for the consumption of the consumers and this should be with no damage.

Another way to define supply chain management is the processes that involve designing, execution, monitoring and control of the logistics and hence coordinating demand and supply of the products and services.

It is generally used in improving the long term performance and growth of the individual company by controlling various processes. It helps the system to become more responsive for the customer requirements and to remove all the loopholes in the distribution system.

Various tools are there in supply chain management for proper execution of supplies and control of assort business processes. There is also a system that is supply chain event management (SCEM) that provides solutions for disruptions arise in supply chain of a business.

Various kinds of problems that are encountered while doing Supply Chain Management are-

1.      Distribution Strategy

2.      Information

3.      Cash-Flow

4.      Operational level

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