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Human Resource Management

It refers to the management of human resource in an organization or business. Humans are very important assets to our organization. Human Resource Managers perform jobs like planning, organizing, staffing, recruiting, managing and controlling employees of any organization. Following are important main topics of study in HRM: 

• Job analysis and Recruitment

  • Performance Appraisal
  • Training and Development
  • Man power planning and Staffing

Job analysis - refers to the process of determining duties of employees. It produces information for an employee like job description, work activities, equipment details, standards for work, human and job related information etc. This helps in recruitment and selection of an employee.

Compensation - It is employees' wage and salary which decides on the basis of job analysis details.

Performance appraisal - is the organized evaluation of employees work and provides appreciation to him/her in terms like monetary or fringe benefits.

Staffing - is a very important function of HR.

 Training and development - refers to a process of trained and developed employees as per the company's procedures and practices.

What makes Human Resource Management different?

It is different from other streams of management as the fact that Human resources management or HRM cannot be done or defined by just simple thumb rules, nor it can be through simple theories. It requires a keen examination of human traits and behavior, sensitivity that is arising from emotional intelligence, and involves understanding of human nature, behavior and traits like a psychologist.

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