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Business Communication

Business communication is a term used for all messages or interaction that we done for official purpose like managing an organization, running a business, conducting the formal affairs of a voluntary organization and so on. Business communication is very formal in comparison to personal and social communication.

The success of business is largely depends on efficient and effective communication made by all the members. It takes place between various people like - business entities, within organizations, in market and market places, and between various group of employees, buyers and sellers, owners and employees, service providers and customers, sales persons and prospects and also between people within the organization. All these type of communication impacts business. Business Communication is like a life blood for any organization.

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There are two types of communication in any business:

1. Internal Communication - It occurs when people interact within the organization.

2. External Communication - When people in the organization communicates with people outside the organization.

Characteristics of Business Communication:

1. Communication acts like life blood of the business so none of the business can develop without effective communication system.

2. Communication is like the brick and mortar for the organization that helps it holds together, whatever its business or its size no matters.

3. Communication skills plays a major role like ability to work well in teams, to manage your juniors in an effective manner and your relationship with seniors, marketing communication with customers and colleagues etc.

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Business Communication is a field studied in management curriculum generally. Management is an area which is full of assignments and each subject demands a lot of time for completion of assignments and a lot of time or understanding also. To understand business communication, first one need to understand what is communication. Communication is "any act in which one person exchanges information from other person about that person's needs, perceptions, desires, knowledge, or affective states. It can be through any medium either writing, speaking or any other medium. Communication can be intentional or unintentional. It may involve some signals, can be of linguistic or nonlinguistic type".

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