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Management Information System

Management Information Systems (MIS) is the total database of an organization means it takes into account all the organization i.e. study of people, technology, organizations and the relationships among them. MIS professionals provide that data to the firms that realize maximum benefit an organization gets from investment in personnel, equipment, and business processes. MIS is people-oriented that is it has an emphasis on service through the use of technology. If a student has an interest in technology and also has the desire to use technology to improve organization process and people's lives, then a suggestible degree is MIS for you.

Generally organizations use information systems at all levels of management or operation to collect, process and store data related to all activities. Management aggregates all this information and then disseminates this information wherever required to carry out the daily operations of business. For example, A car dealer might use a computer database to keep watch on products sell best.

Entaerprise applications of the MIS

1.      ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) - is an enterprise system which provides an organization to maintain planning, managing and controlling of all business processes across multiple locations with integrated software modules.

2.      Supply chain management (SCM) systems - It enables a better supply chain by integrating all the links cin a supply chain.

3.      Customer relationship management (CRM) systems - which help businesses to manage relationships with customers and business partners so as to increase business opportunities.

4.      Knowledge management system (KMS) - It is a knowledge management method that is collection, recording, organization, retrieval, and dissemination of knowledge.

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