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Project Management

Main definition of project management is:

  • Project management is not an easy and small task.
  • Project management is not a permanent process. It has an exact beginning and end.
  • Project management utilizes various tools and techniques which are required to measure project accomplishments and to track project proceedings. These include Gantt charts, Work Breakdown Structures and PERT charts.
  • Project management enhances chance of success and reduces risk.

Project management can be summarized in three most important factors that are time, cost and scope, which is commonly known as the triple constraint. Quality is the central theme in the diagram.

Diagram 1: The triple constraint

More recently, a new diagram replaced the old one that is project management diamond which includes quality as well. In this customer expectations are central theme because no two customer expectations are the same.

Diagram 2: The project management diamond

A project needs to go through six steps during its life:

  1. Definition of Project
  2. Beginning of Project Idea
  3. Planning for the Project
  4. Execution and implementation of Project
  5. Monitoring & direct the Project
  6. Completion of Project

It is the job or key responsibility of a project manager to direct, supervise and control the project from commencement till finish.

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