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Contemporary Feminist Thought:

Feminist theory is one of the main contemporary sociological theories that analyze the status of men and women in society along with the reasons of utilizing that knowledge to better lives of women. Feminist theorists have also begun to question the dissimilarities among women, comprising how class, race, ethnicity, and age intersect along with gender. Feminist theory is mainly concerned along with providing a voice to women and highlighting the different manners women have contributed to society.

Contemporary feminist is the historical outgrowth of the feminist movement that starts in the 1960s and carries on to flourish into the twenty-first century. As their predecessors, contemporary feminists explore the association among language and gender and matters of both tacit and overt discrimination against women inside the publishing and academic worlds. The writers voicing the regards of the modern generation of feminist critics, although, have increasingly highlighted what they perceive as restrictions in the scope of traditional feminist rhetoric and position to a gap in the dialogue among the younger and older schools of feminist theory.

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Branches of Contemporary Feminism:

Each branch share several basic concepts:

  • Equal opportunities and rights for women.
  • All identify that women are oppressed and exploited through virtue of being women
  • All feminists classify to make change (in varying degrees)

This is helpful to differentiate in between socialist feminism, liberal feminism and radical feminism.

Liberal Feminism:

A) View discrimination placed upon women as a group as unjust since it deprives women of equivalent chances for pursuing their own self-interest.

B) Do not consider the oppression of women as a structural feature of the capitalist economic system, and do not supporter overthrowing that system. Conversely, they saw to the state to bring regard women’s liberation by legislative measures.

C) Are related about rectifying the informal discrimination against women which grows out of the different socialization of males and females.

D) Is the “accepted voice of feminism” like this has increased public awareness and acceptance of feminist aspirations for modify?

E) Has played a role in bringing about important reforms like: justice in the workplace (that is equivalent pay for work of equivalent maternity leave, value), and in the family as matrimonial property rights that they press for extra daycare places, extra services for abused women, human rights and pension rights legislation, and they argue for modifies to the educational system.

Social Feminism:

A) Seeks to combine the matters of class and gender, to unite the ideas of capitalism and patriarchy.

B) This targets the state or the government as the site of patriarchal capitalist power.  This agrees along with Marxism, which the ruling class dominates not simply the economy but also the proliferation and development of knowledge.

C) This struggles for women’s freedom to choose contraception and abortion and also for their control of reproduction,.

D) Socialist feminists hold that women’s liberation will arise merely under socialism, and socialism will simply be established along with the women’s liberation.

E) Has played a significant role in liberating work of women by campaigns for optional action programs, equivalent pay for work of equivalent value, and effectual wages, daycare for homework and so on.

F) They seek option to the family’s patriarchal organization, whereby the nuclear family is a cornerstone of oppression of women. Their dual matters of gender and class have led them to establish alliances along with lesbian women, immigrant women and women of color.

Radical Feminism:

A) Refuses liberal feminism’s willingness to work inside the origin framework of society. Observations oppression of women as THE fundamental oppression

B) Points out that woman near the globe in a variety of economic systems live under male domination and argue as: patriarchal oppression goes deeper than class oppression. Sexism is observed to be at the root of other societal evils, like: ageism, racism, class hatred, ecological disaster and war.

C) Observes sexism starting along with human regeneration where the gender division begun via procreation extends into each aspect of human existence.

D) Radical feminists illustrate a world where men control women’s bodies and force women into sexual slavery or motherhood. Women require woman space, a space free from male intrusion where women can take care of each other, regain control over their own bodies, and extend a woman culture.

E) Violence against females–pornography, incest, sexual harassment, rape, and domestic violence have been the major matters.  Pornography is observed as hate literature against women that society would not tolerate against Jews. Native or Blacks populations.

Contemporary Feminist Criticism:

Sometimes considered as “Revisionary Feminism” or “Postfeminism” and “Third-Wave Feminism,” contemporary feminist criticism is the historical outgrowth of the feminist movement that starts in the 1960s and continues to flourish in the twenty-first century. As their predecessors, contemporary feminists explore the association among language and gender and matters of both overt and tacit discrimination against women inside the publishing and academic worlds. The writers voicing the concerns of the modern generation of feminist critics, still, have increasingly emphasized what they distinguish as restrictions in the scope of traditional feminist rhetoric and point to a gap in the dialogue among the younger and the older schools of feminist theory.

Revisionary feminist critics posit that feminist criticism has traditionally been the bastion of, white, heterosexual, Western, intellectual, upper-and middle-class women. These revisionists seek to consequence change inside the movement by promoting an agenda of globalism, multiculturalism, sensitivity to economic and political matters concerning women, and the inclusion of texts through and about non-white and lesbian women. Also, not like their forebears, contemporary feminist critics profess to be less interested in affirming their equality along with men than exploring the dissimilarities that make women's position in society individual. They also remain that feminist criticism has turn into more theoretical and abstruse because of the influence of structuralism that has problematize the very concept of language like a senses of easy communication. The school of French feminist criticism—largely explained through the works of Luce Irigaray, Julia Kristeva and Helene Cixous, and one time one of the most celebrated branches of the feminist movement: has recently come beneath attack through post feminist critics who argue that French feminism not at all existed like a separate entity at all. These critics assert that the concept of French feminist rhetoric was invented through British and American feminist academics in order to showcase radical suggestions that they were not willing to show as their own. Furthermore, revisionist feminist critics have accused their older colleagues of dismissiveness, defensiveness, and the suppression of dialogue in similar kind of hierarchical way—complete along with gender-based assumptions: that they consequently criticized in male literary critics in the 1960s and 1970s.

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