Taenia Solium

Taenia Solium: (Taeniasis, pork tapeworm infection)

Class Cestoidea

Main features of Platyhelminthes:

They are mainly intestinal parasites of vertebrates. Generally they have single generation in life cycle and sexual adult in vertebrate; seldom with asexual reproduction in intermediate host. Life cycle is invariably indirect (i.e., one exception); and a broad variety of invertebrates and vertebrates are employed as intermediate hosts. Adult is segmented or not; has duplication of reproductive organs all along body (i.e., polyzoic). Distinct scolex (i.e., head) exist or absent. Syncytial tegument is generally however not always unarmed (i.e., at light microscope level). Gut is absent. Two significant species namely, Taenia solium and Taenia saginata cause taeniasis in human. Infection caused by T.solium is termed as pork tape worm infection and by T. saginata is termed as beef tape worm infection.


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