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Introduction of Computational Science

The Computational science or scientific computing is concerned with constructing the mathematical models and quantitative analysis methods and using computers to examine and solve scientific problems. In practical use, it is a common application of computer simulation and other forms of calculation from numerical analysis and theoretical computer science to problems in numerous scientific disciplines.

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The Computational Science is different from theory and laboratory experiment that are the traditional forms of engineering and science. The scientific computing approach is to increase understanding, mainly through analysis of mathematical models implemented on computers.

The Scientists and engineers build up application software, computer programs that model the systems being studied and run these programs with numerous sets of input parameters. Generally, these models need massive amounts of computations (generally floating-point) and are frequently executed on super-computers or distributed computing platforms.

Numerical analysis is an essential foundation for techniques used in computational science.

Applications of computational science

Numerical simulations:

This application of computational Science has dissimilar objectives depending on the nature of the task being simulated:

  • Rebuild and understand known events (for illustration, tsunamis, earthquake and other natural disasters).
  • Predict the future or unobserved circumstances (for illustration, weather, and sub-atomic particle behavior).

Model fitting and data analysis:

Suitably tune models or solve equations to reflect observations, subject to the model constraints (example, oil exploration geophysics and computational linguistics).

Use the graph theory to model networks, such as those connecting organizations, individuals, websites, and biological systems.

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