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History of African Politics:

The colonial experience of African nations strongly affected the development of their political organizations. Described by poverty and ethnic rivalries, several newly independent African nations became a particular-party system. While in the year 1980 their economies, very frequently based upon exports of a particular commodity, stumbled or did not create expected effects, duration of frequent military coups and political instability developed. Specifically, partly why even today few African nations are truly democratic.

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Some monarchies countries along with a king or queen like head of state yet exist today in Africa. Whereas Swaziland is an absolute monarchy, where the king holds all power, Lesotho is a constitutional monarchy, as Spain or Great Britain. The king is nominal head of state, although with a largely ceremonial function, whereas the actual power is in the hands of the PM, who is the leader of the largest chosen party in parliament. Since a system of government, monarchy was additionally widespread in Africa in the earlier history, although since decolonization, several countries became republics instead.


As per to the Institute for International Studies of Stanford University, in the Western sense of the word only two African countries can be labeled true democracies. After abolishing white minority rule, South Africa has had a vibrant combined political system and many elections. A republic along with a democratically voted president, South Africa is a form for the rest of the continent. In a sane fashion, Ghana has a United States style system, where the directly voted president acts both as head of state and head of government.

'Flawed' Democracies:

Another African nation has nominal democratic systems along with leaders elected through popular votes. Democracies in Algeria, Burundi, Zimbabwe or Kenya countries, are characterized through manipulation of law, frequent constitutional modifies or intimidation of political opponents. All this makes such countries not ideal democracies. In its 2008 Democracy catalog, the Economist Intelligence Unit rated mainly African nations as either hybrid regimes or flawed democracies somewhere among a flawed democracy and an authoritarian regime.

Authoritarian Regimes:

Whereas no government in the world would call itself authoritarian, there are although those in Africa that authority can hardly be illustrated as responsible to the people. The Economist Intelligence Unit lists many African countries in this group, comprising Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. Conversely, as Africa the Good News website mentions, there is no particular country in Africa nowadays not holding elections of several sort. Also, as per to the similar website, the number of military coups upon the continent reduced dramatically in the recent past, that each point toward a more democratic future for Africa.

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