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History of History

Historiography refers either to the study of the method and development of "History" (as a subject) or to an entity of historical work on a particular topic. Researchers talk about historiography topic wise - like the "historiography of early Islam" "historiography of Catholicism", or the "historiography of China" - particular approaches and genus also, like political and social history. In the 19th century, with the rise of academic history, majority of historiographic literature developed.

The research areas of historians change as time changes and in last decades there has been a shift from usual economic history, diplomatic history, and political history toward latest approaches, chiefly social and cultural studies. From 1975 to 1995, the number of lecturers of history in American universities identifying with social history increases from 35% to 45%, while the number of political historians decreases from 40% to 30%. In history departments of British schools in 2007, among the 5,723 faculty members, 1,644 (29%) find themselves with social history whereas political history came after that with 1,425 (25%).

In early modern period, the word historiography tended to be utilized in a very common sense, to mean merely "the writing of history". Historiographer, due to this cause, meant "historian", and it is in the sense that few official historians were given the title "Historiographer Royal", in Sweden (from 1618), Scotland (from 1681) and England (from 1660). The Scottish post is till now in continuation.

Comprehending the past seems to be a universal human requirement and the teaching of history has appeared autonomously in civilizations all across the earth. What consists of history is a philosophical question or subject. The early chronologies date back to Mesopotamia and prehistoric Egypt; though no historical writers in these early civilizations were identified by name. For the reasons of this article, history is taken to indicate written history recorded in a story format for the aim of informing future generations concerning events. Various experts have advised along with the tendency to extrapolate trends for historical outlines that do not line up with expectations regarding the future.

History is the subject which helps us to understand our past evens. As we know, a building has long life only if the basement is strong. History behaves as a basement which builds our core values and makes us politically intelligent. Knowledge of history makes people from different origin, culture and nation stand on a common platform.
Teaching history in academics is important because it is base every child, that they should get knowledge of their past. They should know, how our prior generation struggled, what inventions and discoveries they did, etc. in past so that we can live this kind of life at present. It is better if students will start learning these moral values in their initial stage of studies. Children should learn to pass good things to their next generation and avoid doing mistakes which our ancestors have done. We can't deny the fact that we can earn a lot of experience by reading history, which can be utilized in our future.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving History problems

Teaching style is one of the major reasons of why history is considered as a hard or boring subject by students. Usually, teachers used to dictate chapters in front of the class. It becomes monotonous for students, as it creates one-way communication. So, teachers should try to teach in a narrative way. They should create interest in the subject such that students themselves become curious to ask the question. At the end of their session, they can arrange role-plays for better understanding.

Another difficulty, which students face, is learning date and year of events. Teachers should create a scenario such that students learn events in chronological order. They should organize quizzes and debates for the better understanding of the subject. In this way, the teacher can also check the understanding level of the subject and whether they are interpreting correct scenario and moral of the story.

Few topics in History 

Let us discuss some history problems:

a)      Who were 'Moderates' in the Indian history? What were their actions to achieve Independence?

Ans: (Here the answer is hidden behind question itself. Let see how:

Moderate: less violent or less extreme)                                                    Moderates were the group of leaders who were against any violence. They were the pioneer of organized national movement in India.

They used to create awareness among people about injustice made by the British with the help of newspaper articles, speeches etc. They used to convey their messages to British rule after meetings and decisions. They thought the British government will understand their point of view of freedom and justice to Indians and slowly they would accept it. However, they received a lot of criticism, as it did not work out.

b) Arrange the following in chronological order:

i)  The All India Muslim League

ii) The Rowlatt Act

iii) The Simon Commission

iv) The Khilafat Agitation

v) The Civil Disobedience Movement

Ans: To answer this, we should also understand what happened in these events and when it happened.

The All India Muslim League (formed with the goal of saving political rights of Muslims in India) - 1906

The Rowlatt Act (It was passed for extending emergency measures during World War I) - 1919

The Khilafat Agitation (A part of Khilafat movement (1919-1924) where Muslims supports Caliph of Turkey against the British) - 1920

The Simon Commission (It was setup to investigate Indian Constitution established by Government of India Act in 1919) - 1927

The Civil Disobedience Movement (Started by Gandhiji, Dandi March is one of act in this movement) - 1930

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