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Community and Social Reconstruction:

Social reconstruction describes a philosophy which promotes peaceful coexistence and unity in a population by using nonviolent ways to settle disputes. This aims to address past abuses through strengthen and reconciliation the appreciation of differences among people in a community. The major theory behind social reconstruction recommends the development of a national identity by cooperative communities to stop people from resorting to violence while differences arise.

Social reconstruction is a condition wherein the population obtains a level of tolerance and peaceful co-existence; gains social cohesion via acceptance of a national identity which transcends individual, sectarian, & communal differences; has the mechanisms and will to determine disputes nonviolently; has community institutions which bind society across divisions; and addresses the legacy of earlier period abuses. For the social well-being of a society, social reconstruction involved twin approaches: directly addressing the legacy of violent conflict via inter- & intra-group reconciliation & indirectly building societal links by promoting reconciliation through community-based development & cooperative action. Following violent conflict, social cohesion might be almost nonexistent. Returnees, combatants, & victims of the conflict frequently have great complexity finding their place in the community again. Disputes over water, land, pasture rights, marriage, inheritance and other community issues might arise, further affecting already traumatized communities. Local institutions formal and informal both that helped bind the population before the conflict might be shattered. Spoiler narratives & impromptu war memorials which reinforce societal cleavages might be present. Without the cohesion and tolerance that enables peaceful coexistence, communities and individuals may resort to violence to address their resolve disputes and grievances.

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These philosophies emerged in the early year of 1900s as countries addressed the social disruption caused through World War I. During the war the trauma suffered led to a quest for pacifism & discussion regarding ideals of international respect among countries. War reparations represented a form of reconciliation involved in peace treaties.

Social rebuilding promotes social recovery after conflict via sharing a vision for the future depend on mutual respect, the reduction of prejudice, and enhanced understanding of human fragilities. Proponents of the theory believe wounds can be healed while the concept of human rights becomes the target in every community. They also allow the way to safeguard worldwide peace through tolerance after a war take place.

The survival of society is threatened through traditional methods of solving problems, in according to social reconstruction theories of the era. While cohesive communities share a vision for equality and peace after a conflict, it stops future disputes, they believe. Several who worked toward social reconstruction touted education as the key to help people in understand their shortcomings and generate societies depend on justice for all?

Social reconstruction identifies several ills that ought to be addressed to create healthy societies. They include poverty, racism, crime, unemployment and political corruption, amongst others. National institutions are not effectual in addressing or recognizing how these troubles might lead to the demise of whole populations, the theory states.

The solution promoted re-educating citizens till they understood their contributions to fragmented communities, were capable to envision a society without these issues, & made their visions reality. In the year of 1890 the Progressive Education Movement surfaced to address social reconstruction efforts. It promoted citizen participation through transforming individual preferences to ideals depend on compassion, respect and equality.

This child-centered form of education peaked in the year of 1930s, during the Great Depression in the United States. Educators started fostering independent thinking and creativity to solve troubles. Progressive education replaced former methods of teaching by using rote memorization & obedience to authority as main concepts.

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