VB.NET (Visual Basic .NET):

VB.NET is a Microsoft object-oriented programming (OOP) language. This evolved from Visual Basic 6 (VB6) to meet an enhancing need for easy web development and web-services.

VB.Net was designed to grape advantage of the .NET framework-based classes and run-time environment. This was re-engineered by Microsoft as part of its .NET product group.VB.NET supports inheritance, abstraction and polymorphism.

Advantages of VB.NET:

1) Initially, VB.NET provides managed code execution that runs under the Common Language Runtime (CLR), resulting in stable, robust and secure applications. All of the features of the .NET framework are readily obtainable in VB.NET.

2) VB.NET is wholly object oriented. It is a major addition that VB6 and other earlier releases didn't have.

3) The .NET framework comes with ADO.NET that follows the disconnected paradigm, that means once the required records are fetched the connection no longer present. It also retrieves the records that are expected to be accessed in the instant future. This increases Scalability of the application to a great extent.

4) VB.NET uses XML to transfer data among the many layers in the DNA Architecture that means data are passed as simple text strings.

5) Error handling has modified into VB.NET. A new Try-Catch-Finally block has been introduced to handle exceptions and errors as a unit, letting suitable action to be taken at the place the error occurred therefore discouraging the use of ON ERROR GOTO statement. It again credits to the maintainability of the code.

6) Another great feature added into VB.NET is free threading against the VB single-threaded apartment feature. In various situations developers need spawning of a new thread to run as a background procedure and enhance the usability of the application. VB.NET let developers to spawn threads wherever they feel like, thus giving freedom and better control on the application.

7) Security becomes more robust in VB.NET. Additionally to the role-based security in VB6, VB.NET comes along a new security model, Code Access security. This security controls onto what the code can access. For instance you can set the security to a component such that the component can’t access the database. This kind of security is important because it let building components that can be trusted to several degrees.

8) The CLR takes care of garbage collection that means the CLR releases resources as soon as an object is no more in use. It relieves the developer from thinking about the ways of memory management. CLR does this for them.

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