Modern Genetics

Modern Genetics:

Introduction and Scope:

Genetics deals with different concepts and phenomena associated to inheritance. Mendel’s findings sowed the seeds for recognizing the secrets of heredity and paved the manner for further facts on genes and chromosomes. The post Mendelian period was extraordinary in that many new notions and hypotheses associated to general genetics like factor (i.e., gene) interactions, linkage, sex determination, sex linkage, cytoplasmic inheritance, crossing over, and multiple allelism polygenic inheritance were added. The invention of double helical DNA by Watson and Crick in the year 1953 has unraveled the secrets of gene functions. The huge works on Drosophila and prokaryotes such as Escherichia coli opened up a new period of modern (i.e., molecular) genetics. In modern genetics, human genetics constitutes a portion. It attempts to fetch information most significant for understanding the genetics of man who is also a species similar to any other taxonomic species. Human genetics includes the identification of human chromosomes; genetic diseases, genetic engineering prospects; and gene therapy; cloning devices; transgenic or genetically modified organisms and so on. Towards this line, the modern genetics also deal with human genome project; bioinformatics or biological data base and proteomics.


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