Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering:

(Recombinant DNA Technology)

All living organisms are capable with particular genetic information. With advancement which progressed in genetical science, numerous aspects of gene functions became apparent. The molecular execution of genes revealed the central dogma which DNA in a eukaryotic cell undergoes transcription to synthesize RNA and the later undergoes conversion to generate protein (i.e., polypeptide). Even before the modern aspects of molecular genetics are exposed, the existence of mobile genetic elements (i.e., Transposons) was imagined by the geneticist Barbara Meclintock in her work on maize plant Zea mays in the year 1965.

41_genetic engineering.jpg

                                                    Figure: Genetic engineering-Recombinant DNA technology

Genetic engineering deals with the genes manipulation according to human will. A gene of identified function can be transferred from its normal place into a totally different cell or organism, through an appropriate carrier or vector. The carrier might be a plasmid DNA segment of a bacterium or a virus. The gene transferred similarly begins functioning to synthesize the specific protein in the new atmosphere. Therefore, the fact that, a gene can function irrespective of its atmosphere formed the basis for genetic engineering.


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