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Organic compounds create the basis for all existing earth life. They are structurally dissimilar. The practical applications of organic compounds are huge. They either shape the basis of, or are vital constituents of, various other products involving drugs, plastics, food, explosive material, petrochemicals, & paints.

Therefore the study of organic chemistry is very significant to know about study of composition of material. This is highly significant subject, and student needs some conceptual hypothesis to learn many reactions of compounds. At the time of study, students feel trouble in resolving many numeric based, reactions based, and theoretical organic chemistry homework and assignments. A student requires an expert tutor who can help him/her to solve their problems occur while resolving organic chemistry problems.


Inorganic Chemistry vs Organic Chemistry

The term initially as the chemistry of biological molecules, organic chemistry has since been pre-defined to refer principally to carbon compounds - even those with non-biological source. Few carbon molecules are not termed as organic, with carbon dioxide being the most well termed and most common inorganic carbon compound, but this type of molecules are the exceptions and not the general rule.

Organic chemistry majorly focuses on carbon & following electron's movement in carbon chains or rings, and also how electrons are combined with another heteroatoms  and carbon atoms. Organic chemistry is generally concerned with the characteristics of non-metallic elements and covalent bonds, however metals and ions do play vital roles in some reactions.

The practical applications of organic chemistry are myriad, and that involve all types of plastics, scents, flavorings, detergents, explosives, dyes, fuels & various other products. 

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