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Organic chemistry is associated by the "functional group approach", where organic molecules are deemed to be made from:

  • An inert hydrocarbon skeleton onto which functional groups (FGs) is connected.


The approach of functional group "works" due to the properties and reaction chemistry of a particular functional group (FG) and this can be extraordinarily self-governing of environment.

Thus, it is only essential to know about the chemistry of a few common functions in sort to predict the chemical behavior of thousands of true organic chemicals.

Organic molecules are also termed using the functional group approach:

  • 2-hexanone
  • 2-hexanol
  • 2-chlorohexane

The basic rule is that functions guess their distinct character when separated by -CH2- groups. Therefore, the carbonyl, C=O, and hydroxy, OH, of a carboxylic acid, RCOOH, is part of a single function and is NOT "alcohol-plus-ketone":


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