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Environmental Responsibilities:

Environment cares for us. It gives us beauty (grass), oxygen (trees), protects us from Sun's powerful UV rays (ozone layer) and several more things. What do we give it in return? Dirt, pollution, is that all? The environment cares about us. We are nothing without the environment. There is no life without oxygen. We all will be burnt without ozone layer. It is our responsibility to save the environment. Today plastic is the biggest hazard in our environment. 90% of all our surroundings are built out of plastic. It is non-biodegradable. It is a poison that is slowly killing us. Sometimes we cannot ignore it, but whenever, we can, we should. I save the Environment using 4 R's:

  • REDUCE – I reduce wastage of water.
  • REUSE – I reuse newspapers to built paper bags.
  • RECYCLE – I recycle old things in my home into another useful thing.
  • REFUSE – I refuse taking plastic bags using jute bags, cloth bags, whenever needed.

We celebrate our environment day as on 5th June. Being and member in this Globe what we sought to do for our globe at least do we have our own tree or plant. We talk about pollution in words but we are responding towards in actions we selected that from these celebrations on words at one plant we will make and we will make others to do it by this way we can make our globe greenery soon.

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Human beings are responsible for environment degradation!

Human beings are guilty for environment degradation. They have over-exploited natural resources. In our ecosystem, every living being is based on this environment. In our ecosystem, every living being is based on this environment. If our environment is polluted, it will influence all the living creatures. We must change our attitude & habits that pollute the environment. We must not excessively use fossil fuels. Its use has caused global warming that is affecting every living being.

Usage of deforestation and fresh water are damaging the environment. Because of deforestation, carbon dioxide is enhancing in atmosphere and various species are disappearing. There has been damage to the ozone layer. We are at the risk of ultra-violet rays, because of this. The whole environment is changing.

It is our duty to save our ozone layer and atmosphere. We ought to plant more and more trees to decrease carbon dioxide in air. We must set up green belts everywhere. It is our own hands to save this planet.

Water is one of the fundamental needs of human beings. Approximate two thirds of earth is covered through water but the amount of freshwater is extremely low. Global warming and other environmental troubles have further decreased our reserve of freshwater. So, we ought to recycle rainwater to preserve our freshwater storage. In order to recycle rainwater, rainwater-harvesting system can be installed in our homes. It is extremely reliable and yet cheap.

Recycling refers to reuse of an item before it is thrown away as waste and deposited in the landfill sites. We can decrease the waste that is generated at the first place and we can re-use the residual waste.

There are so many ways to travel in an eco-friendly way. We can enjoy travel and be friendly environment at the similar time. Turn off your thermostats and hot water heater before you leave your home. Set your heater into 'vacation' mode to avoid any harm to the plants inside because of temperature change. Prevent your newspaper delivery so that paper won't go waste. Turn off your refrigerator as well. It will save energy too. Today, airline companies sell electronic tickets. You'd better purchase electronic tickets since it will decrease paper waste and you will be free of the tension that you can lose your tickets.

Protecting our environment is a vast responsibility, and we ought to work with a number of organizations that carry out particular environmental functions.

Note: You also must read the Environmental Conservation and Restoration

We contain a wide range of functions to defend the environment, and our primary responsibilities include the following:

  • Enforcement of environmental law
  • Environmental licensing
  • Monitoring, analyzing and reporting on the environment
  • Environmental planning, education and guidance
  • Environmental research development
  • Regulating Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions
  • Waste management
  • Strategic environmental assessment

What Is Our Responsibility To Nature?

Our responsibility towards nature is to take care of her. Don't throw out waste things out your car windows for other people to pick up, get involved in your community & recycle, don't use plastic bags purchase the ones stores them and use them. Don't waste things such as paper towels and such use a cloth to clean with you ought to do laundry anyway? Plant some trees; get involved in a community garden if you live in the city, that way you contain fresh veggies to eat in the summer. Make your own food from scratch rather than buying all this crap in boxes and plastic. I could go on and on about our attempting to save nature but unless the younger generation doesn't begin trying to do things like we did in the sixties & seventies what sort of world are you leaving to your children if there is a world left?

Environmental Responsibility in Business:

In business there are three sources of environmental responsibilities: those needed by law, those demanded by ethics, and those that protect natural resources to make sure their accessibility for future business transactions.


Managers are stewards of the assets & actions of a company, and so have a dual duty in their actions. One is to the owners of the business to make as much profit as they can. The other is to society to act dutifully and not violate on the rights of others.

Legal Requirements:

Society makes minimum standards for environmental responsibility through laws & other governmental requirements. Some of the managers say that if you can make more money by breaking the rules & paying the fine, then it is the route to go.


Several people believe that corporations & other businesses are members of society & have an compulsion to align decision making regarding the environment with what people feel is right generally . Acting ethically can be extremely important from a public relations view point


According to "Environment, Ethics, and Business" by the Institute of Corporate Ethics, the previous two ideologies tend to end in gridlock. Rather a company should approach environmental concerns with the intent to ensure that resources are protected for the future.

A Pragmatic Approach:

In order to balance profit making with environmental sustainability needs a manager to be realistic regarding what can be done. Recycling, solar energy and correct disposal are small modification that can make a huge difference in the world.

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