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Environmental Philosophy:

This type of philosophy is concerned with the natural environment and humans' place inside it. This philosophy comprises environmental ethics, Eco-feminism, environmental aesthetics and environmental theology. Several of the main regions of interest for environmental philosophers are as:

•    How to value the environment
•    Consideration of future generations
•    Defining environment and nature
•    Moral status of plants and animals
•    Environmentalism and Deep Ecology
•    Restoration of nature
•    Endangered species
•    Aesthetic value of nature

This philosophy is a young field which brings together this traditional nurturing of wisdom along with a particular interest in the surroundings. Element of environmental philosophy is, thus, exploring what we justifiably and identify believe regarding the environment. However we have to be cautious not to stop there. This philosophy needs us to develop wisdom regarding the environment and which means, as over, conversing what is best for the environment, particularly with respect to our own actions inside the environment.

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Environmental ethics:

It believes in the ethical relationship between the natural environment and human beings. Human beings are a fraction of the society and hence are another living being. When we discuss about the philosophical principle which directs our life, we frequently avoid the fact that even animals and plants are an essential part of our lives. They are a critical part of the environment and thus have a right to be identifying a part of the human life. In these lines, this is clear that they must also be related with our guiding principles and also our moral and ethical values.

It covers:

(1) The challenge of environmental ethics to the anthropocentrism that is human-centeredness embedded in traditional western ethical thinking;

(2) The early growth of the discipline in the year 1960s and year 1970s;

(3) The connection of deep ecology, feminist environmental ethics and social ecology to politics;

(4) The attempt to be valid traditional ethical theories, comprising consequentialism, deontology and virtue ethics to help contemporary environmental concerns; and

(5) The focus of environmental literature upon wilderness, and probable future developments of the discipline.

Environmental Aesthetics:

It is a relatively new sub-field of philosophical aesthetics. This arose inside analytic aesthetics in the last third of the 20th century. Prior to its emergence, aesthetics inside the analytic tradition was mostly concerned along with philosophy of art. This originated as a reaction to this emphasis, pursuing in its place the investigation of the aesthetic appreciation of normal environments. Because it’s early stages, the scope of this has broadened to comprise not only natural environments but human and human-influenced ones also. At the occasionally, the discipline has also come to comprise the examination of which that falls inside such environments, providing rise to what is termed as the aesthetics of daily life. This region involves the aesthetics of not merely more normal environments and objects, however a range of daily activities also. Hence, early in the 21st century, this aesthetics embraces the study of the aesthetic importance of mostly the whole thing other than art.


It is a type of constructive theology that focuses upon the interrelationships nature of and religion, specifically in the light of environmental concerns. It generally begins from the premise that a relations exists among human spiritual/religious worldviews and the degradation of nature. This explores the interaction among ecological values, as sustainability and the human controlling of nature. The movement has generated numerous religious-environmental projects near the world.

The burgeoning awareness of environmental crisis has cause widespread religious reflection in the human relationship along with the earth. That type of reflection has strong precedents in mostly religious traditions in the realms of cosmology and ethics, and can be look like a corollary or subset to the theology of nature.


It is the social movement that referred to the oppression of movement and nature like interconnected. This is one of the only some movements and analyses which in reality links two movements.

It combines the movement of women's right along with the movement to preserve and care for the earth.

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