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Environmental Conservation and Restoration:

Environmental Conservation:

It is a practice of protecting the environment, on organizational, individual or governmental level, for the advantage of the natural environment and (or) humans.

Because of the pressures of population and our technology the biophysical environment is being degraded, permanently sometimes. It has been recognized & governments began placing restraints on activities that is reason of environmental degradation. Since the year of 1960s activism by the environmental movement has formed awareness of the several environmental issues. There is not a full agreement on the extent of the environmental influence of human activity and protection measures are criticized occasionally.

Now, academic institutions offer courses such like environmental management environmental studies, and environmental engineering that study the history & methods of environmental protection.

Protection of the environment is required from different human activities. Pollution, waste loss of biodiversity, release of genetically modified organisms, introduction of invasive species, and toxics are some of the issues associating to environmental protection.

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Importance of Environmental Conservation:

Importance to agriculture:

A) Agriculture based on the environment and we based on agriculture. It is obvious in countries where the economies based on agriculture but applies to all.

B) Conserving the environment and preventing desertification, soil erosion and flooding is essential. Unsustainable farming techniques not only impact natural ecosystems but also finally make farming itself impossible.

Importance to fishing:

A) Whereas much of our food comes from agriculture, the oceans are also necessary source.

B) At the moment there are serious conservation issues affecting the oceans, by including over pollution and fishing.

Importance to climate:

A) Human activities have impact on the climate and this affects all life. Floods, droughts and extremes of cold and heat, are caused by global warming, which is almost certainly connected to greenhouse gas emissions.

B) There are other, more local, climate changes also caused through not treating the environment with respect. For instance rainfall is influenced by deforestation.

C) Conservation of natural environments must be done not just for their own sake, but also for that of the world as a total.

Ecological Restoration:

It is the procedure of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been damaged, degraded or destroyed.  This is an intentional activity which initiates or accelerates an ecological pathway or trajectory through time to a reference state.

Ecological restoration has as its aim an ecosystem that is resilient and self-sustaining with respect to structure, species composition & function, as well as being integrated to the larger and supporting landscape sustainable livelihoods.  Various healthy ecosystems are a product of human endeavors over extremely long time periods and thus commonly restoration needs the participation of resource dependent communities. In this respect ecological restoration supports and sustainable and conservation development efforts worldwide.

There are two chief challenges involved whereas undertaking ecological restoration. One is how to undertake restoration across huge areas comprising a variety of land-uses. The second one is how to equitably balance the trade-offs among developing conservation, biodiversity and improvements in human well-being.

Importance of Ecological Restoration:

A) In areas of environmental degradation Ecological restoration can help reverse global biodiversity losses.

B) The recovery of ecosystem services, such like healthy waterways & pollination, can also be promoted.

C) Ecological restoration is extensively used to reverse the environmental degradation caused through human activities such as pollution, deforestation and land use techniques that cause soil erosion, although distinct kinds of ecosystems recover at distinct rates.

D) Restoration projects can help rehabilitate local wildlife. Frequently times this kind of rehabilitation has positive effects for humans plus wilderness.

Environmental Conservation and Restoration:

The Conservation & Restoration Ecology major teaches students to employee ecological principles to restore terrestrial systems (, rangelands, forests, wild land areas, grasslands) that have been damaged or removal through overuse, neglect or disaster. We can say that Conservation and Restoration Ecology links the study of conserving and maintaining ecological systems and their elements with the recovery of damaged ecosystems. The combination of conservation and restoration creates a practical framework for managing natural resources and landscapes. Fundamental understandings of ecosystem components and processes are used to foster and sustain native species, ecological communities, and ecosystems.

What do Conservation and Restoration Ecology majors study?

1. Solid foundation in biological sciences, soil science, chemistry, and math.
2. Ecology of wild land plants and animals.
3. Techniques to monitor, assess, preserve, and restore these ecosystems.
4. Policy and other human dimensions of natural resource management.
5. With guidance from an advisor, Conservation & Restoration Ecology majors develop an individualized plan for their Program Electives that construct them for their unique, personal career goals.

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