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Mass Communication:

“Mass communication refers to the procedure by which we communicate along with a large group of people via mass media” In the mass communication situation, the source is a group of individuals who usually act in predetermined roles in an organizational setting. In other words mass communication is end product of more than one person. Mass media is source of communication along with masses & communication via mass media is mass communication. In mass communication, society communicates along with itself as an individual or a group of people convey a message to the big group of people and they use transmitter of information such as, newspaper, magazines, television, radio books and posters or combination of these.

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Types of Mass Communication:

There are two kind of mass communication:

•    Micro-mass Communication
•    Macro-mass communication

Micro-mass Communication: In this kind of communication, we communicate along with smaller number of people like professor to his students. Usually this kind of mass communication does not need any channel for conveying message to the audience.

Macro-mass communication: In this kind of mass communication, we communicate along with a big group of people. We communicate for conveying our messages to the giant group of people via radio, magazines, TV and posters. In this way sender always employ channel for communication since communication with large group of people is not possible without any Channel.

Different Forms of Mass Media:

Newspapers and Journalism:

Newspapers are published and printed for providing information of advertisements, public interest and views. Usually these publications are issued weekly, daily or at other regular intervals. Newspapers were primary published in countries such as Italy, Germany and the Netherlands in the 17th century. Later on it spread to countries all over the world. Early owners of newspapers were people who took up journalism to fight social troubles.. Journalism includes the collection of communicating and information it. It also involves the selection and editing of information and printing & presentation of events, information, ideas and controversies in their good context.

Wireless Communication:

To send messages across the continents we had the electric telegraph of Morse. In course of time messages could be sent exclusive of using any wires or cables. The cell phone which we use today is a fine illustration of wireless communication.


In the 19th century Photography was developed by two people from France, namely, Nicephore Niepce and LouisJacques-Mande Daguerre. Till a few years back we were taking black & white photographs. Later on color photographs could be taken by using an emulsion. Newspapers, magazines and advertisements used photography. Photographers began using the digital technology, making photography easier and the cameras user friendly by the end of the 20th century.


From mere curiosity & technical experiments radio became a truly powerful & popular medium of mass communication. After it was developed in the west we had radio through the year of 1920s and the first formal radio station was begun in Bombay. You will learn regarding radio in detail in the module on ‘Radio’.


One of the technological marvels of 20th century was television invented in the year of 1920 by Baird.

Function of Mass Communication:

Mass communication is an extremely effective & powerful tool of government and plays vital role in the stability of government and the unity of nation. Conversely, it plays an vital role in the society. In simple terms mass communication has the following functions.

Source of information:

Human nature wished to know each & everything regarding the world. The need of human beings is fulfilled via mass communication such as TV, newspaper and other material regarding different aspects of this world. From mass communication we achieve information, entertainment and education.

Awareness about Society:

Through mass communication, man becomes aware of facts and reality. For awareness regarding these world men needs any media that throws light on it.

To Promote Good Objectives:

In society, Journalism promotes good objectives. It built up sense of responsibility in the citizens of country, promotes ethical values and gives solutions to the general troubles of people.

Mutual Understanding:

Mass communication gives the platform to people to put their views and express their thoughts and feelings. Thus by expressing personal views, sharing knowledge & inter-exchange of ideas, people do agree on sure points that create mutual understanding among the people and this mutual understanding is essential for development of the society.

Public Opinion Building:

Public opinion is the power that can make and destroy the government without any complexity. In this respect, print media and especially newspaper are the most effectual source of forming public opinion, since through editorials, newspapers, columns, features, articles, news summaries, pictorial displays; the public opinion is formed regarding different national and international issues. Newspaper modified the personal ideology & thoughts of its readers. Thus we can say that print journalism and especially newspaper are much effectual and powerful source of communication and play vital role in building opinion of masses.


Mass media is reflection of society & people are the judge to exclude conclusion from distinct news items. Media keep a check on the distinct departments of government such as municipality, police, Wasa, and all other life associating departments and also illustrates the abilities and functions of government officials.

Watchdog of National Interests:

Journalism provides defense to national interests of the country via keeping check on distinct elements of society that can be harmful for the country. This is the responsibility of newspaper to protect their country with no fear.

Fourth Pillar of State:

Journalism is called the fourth pillar of any state. This is as effective as judiciary and administrative etc. If journalism does not play its role efficiently, then it can be proved risky for the state and society by publishing news depend on propaganda and falsehood. That’s why true & positive way of presentation is essential.

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