Needs of Modularity

Needs of Modularity

Now we will see why modularity is required to build the system. Consider two problems, p1 and p2 a complexity function(x) and an effort function E(x) to solve a problem x.

As  in a general case, if the complexity of problem p1 is more than the required effort will be more for it states as:  

C(P1)> C(P2)

AND E (P1) > E(P2)

Another  thing is that  the complexity  of the  complete joint problem is greater  than the  addition of the  complexities of separate problem:

C(P1+P2)> C(P1) + C(P2)


E(P1+P2) > E(P1) + E(P2)

It result  combined effort  will also be much.

1676_Decomposition and Modularity Homework Help.jpg

So, if  we require that the  complexity and effort  should not be much to solve a problem then the problem must  be modularized into manageable pieces. If  the problem is modularized the cost will also decrease, as the  total number of modules increases. It is shown in fig 5.4, where M is the total  number of modules.

So, modularity is an important property of most engineering processes and products. In the year 1988, Mayer is his book object oriented software  construction gave a set of five principles to define an effective modular system. They are:

  • Modular Decomposability- decompose the software problem systematically into modules.
  • Modular compatibility - integrate all the components( or modules)
  • Modular Understand ability - ease to understand the modules.
  • Modular continuity - no harm or side effects due to changes.
  • Modular protection - security of modules from any side effect.

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