This is a Christian faith illustrious by a particular set of practices, beliefs and behaviors. Additionally to a belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ that is shared by all of the Christian faiths Catholicism identified the supreme authority of the Roman See, or Pope, & believes in the transubstantiation of wine and bread in the literal body and blood of Christ as the Eucharist. This also supports the adherence of practitioners to a set of actions known as the sacraments. In the long & bloody path of religion all through history, Catholicism has branched into two major segments: Western Catholic Church, or the Roman,  and the Eastern Catholic Church.

The dawn of Catholicism is supposed by several to be the resurrection of Christ, but actually can be traced to an early story in the Jesus, Bible amazing his followers by walking onto the water, invites them to join him. Only one, Peter, agrees to do so and in fact accomplish the feat for a moment before becoming sinking and afraid. Jesus is so satisfied by Peter's faith that he declare that Peter is the rock on which “I will build my Church,” This particular story is taken by several as a declaration that Peter is the initial pope of the Catholic Church, though that general term would not come into uses for several centuries.

The term catholic comes through an ancient Greek word for universal, and for several centuries following its initial increase to power, Catholicism reigned as the near-universal faith of the Western world. Dissent against church power & policies are leads to great divisions of faith eventually in the middle ages, frequently resulting in blood-soaked revolutions.

Catholics composed a diverse community of varied ethnic and national groups which share a sense of belong to the formal institution of the Catholic Church. The Second Vatican Council described the Church as "a sort of sacrament or sign of intimate union along with God, and of the unity of all of the mankind." In joining the Church, each of members joins a community that includes the Body of Christ on earth.

The local congregation, ministered to through a priest, is the fundamental unit of Catholic community. Each of the congregation is part of a superior diocese (the territory under a bishop's jurisdiction), and all of the dioceses in the world answer to the Curia in Rome. All of these units built up one living, breathing entity that prays & worships in the similar way, forming a giant community of souls.

The senses of community & mutual liability are reinforced through thousands of service organizations which the Church sponsors around the world. Service to others is rudimentary to Catholicism. Out of love for Lord, the Church is estimated to serve compassionately mankind, both through its service institutions and the work of individual Catholics.

The eastern & western arms of Catholicism have been divided into practice & tradition since early on in the development of the faith, developed distinct from one another mainly through the great divides of language, simple geography and cultural tradition that isolated practice and development in the western and eastern realms. Though both of the arms of the faith remain true to sure core beliefs, Eastern Catholicism has been effected to some of the degree by the development of other political upheavals, eastern faiths and social modification, much as the Western Catholic Church has been effected by the rise of Protestantism, the development of democracy, and the lots of wars of the western world.

Some of the important ideas in Catholicism include the acceptance the Holy Trinity, a theory that recommended that God in fact have three presences: God the Creator, Jesus, and the or Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. Catholicism also insists on the divinity of Jesus, underneath the idea which he was both divine and human and was conceived spotlessly by Mary, his human mother. Another main tenant of the religion is the sacraments that are seven actions by which humans can directly share in the grace of God, in according to doctrine. The sacraments involved reconciliation, baptism, communion, matrimony, confirmation, the taking of holy orders, and the anointing of the sick.

The religious feature of Catholicism is its belief and an understanding of God. Catholics be taught how to live their lives depend on their devotion to God, and Catholicism offer them a way of life which is depend on specific doctrines, theology, faith and a firm sense of moral responsibility. These elements depend on the Scriptures or "divine revelations," later on evolved through tradition. Other religions might contain some or several of these elements, however these specific ethical, liturgical and spiritual orientations give Catholicism its unique character.

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