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This is not religion and is not even essentially affiliated with religion. Whereas the definition of spirituality is distinct for everyone, here are some common themes related with spirituality:

A) The idea of a procedure or journey of self-discovery and of learning not only who you are, other than who you desire to be.

B) The challenge of attaining beyond your current restriction. This can include keeping an open mind, questioning present beliefs, or attempting to better understand others' beliefs.

C) A connectedness to yourself and to others. Spirituality is personal; however it is also rooted in being linked with others and with the world about you. This link can ease you finding "your place in the world."

D) Meaning, reason, and direction. Spirituality, whereas it doesn't necessarily solve or attain conclusions, often embraces the concept of searching & moving forward in the direction of, purpose, meaning and direction for your life.

E) A higher power, whether rooted in a religion, nature, or some kind of unknown essence.

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Why should we develop our spirituality?

Spirituality can offer several benefits to your life, emotionally and physically both. Developing your spiritual life can provide you a sense of reason and help you figure out where you are most passionate in your professional, social, and personal life. Some of the studies illustrates that positive beliefs can comfort you and develop your health. People who have taken time to build up their spiritual life are also likely to better understand their requirement.

What’s the difference between religion and spirituality?

Spirituality & religion can be difficult to tell apart but there are some pretty definite differences among the two:

Religion is a precise set of organized beliefs and practices, shared usually by a community or group.

Spirituality is more than an individual practice and ought to do with having a sense of peace and reason. It also associates to the procedure of developing beliefs about the meaning of life and association with others.

One way which might help you to understand the connection between religion and spirituality is imagine a game of football. The rules, referees, other players, and field markings help guide you as you play the game in a same way that religion might guide you to discover your spirituality.

Kicking the ball around a park, without having to play on the field or with all of the rules & regulations, can also provide you fulfillment and fun and yet expresses the essence of the game, alike to spirituality in life.
People may recognizes as being any combination of spiritual and religious, however to be religious does not make you spiritual or vice-versa automatically.

Types of spirituality:

Mystical spirituality is depend around a wish to move beyond the material world, beyond the, ego, senses and even beyond time. This particular approach centers on personal relationships and a sense of unity along with all things.

Authoritarian spirituality is a specifically strong form of spirituality based around a requirement for definition and rules. This kind of spirituality is specifically common in specific religious practices.

Intellectual spirituality targets on building knowledge & understanding of spirituality through examine history & spiritual theories. In the study of religion this approach can be found, also known as theology.

Service spirituality is a common form of spirituality in several religious faiths. It is predominantly built around serving others such as a form of spiritual expression.

Social spirituality is frequently practiced by people who experience a spiritual feeling in the company of others. Social support is frequently seen as one of the significant aspects of spirituality in general.

Ideas for evoking a spiritual experience:

Community Service:

Volunteering for community service project can widen your understanding of how you fit in with the world, plus see how others' circumstances is different from your own.

Spiritual Questions:

One may ask Spiritual Questions to own self alone or discuss along with a group of friends. The questions are meant to challenge your present beliefs, reveal gaps in your knowledge, widen your mind in thinking beyond the normal, & create dialogue.

Keep a journal:

Writing significant moments, events, or thoughts down in journal helps of some people reflect on their personal life. Reading back over precedent entries is fun & helps you see how you've grown & developed, plus how sure events, people, and things have influenced your life.


Employ the questions or any other topic, and talk to family, friends or peers concerning them. Dialogue can help you understand what you may not be able to understand alone. You can bounce ideas or thoughts off of each of other for support.


Yoga can produce a peace in you and set up your mind for stimulation.

Challenge yourself to be a better person & think regarding what that means.


If in a higher power you do subscribe to the belief, prayer can help you feel linked and at-peace.

Produce an ongoing list of things which make you happy, or a "natural high" list - Seeing on paper all things which make you happy can be tremendously beneficial when you are having a bad day. It can help you understand the good things in your life and remember the "bright side" of a situation.

Joan Borysenko, author of the book “Inner Peace for Busy People”, declare that keeping a gratitude journal can contribute to a satisfying life. UC Davis research illustrates that people who keep a gratitude journal, wherein they write things that they are grateful for, are more probable to exercise regularly, experience some physical symptoms, are more optimistic regarding the future, are more likely to acquired their academic, personal interpersonal and health-related goals, and feel better generally than those who write regarding negative or neutral life events in their journals.

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