American Art

American Art:

It has always seemed to have little connection with everyday life. Architecture, literature, painting and the other arts have been regarded as rather remote things, foreign vaguely, no direct concern of ours.

There have been several respected American painters, architects and poets, to be sure, but their whole achievement, regarded from the conventional critical and historical view point, has appeared to be just a somewhat crude dispersal of the western European tradition. For example, there are still a good institutions in our educational system where literature and American art are regarded as mere appendages to other-and, wholly, weightier- matters.

In America, most of the historical & critical studies of the development of the arts have been depend on some variant of John Fiske's theory of "the transit of civilization." Culture, the theory goes up, is brought here from Europe through "carriers"-artists, musicians and writers who migrate to this country from the Old World or natives who return after studying abroad. Therefore American culture is considered as an extension of western European culture, subject only to certain influences frequently thought of as more or less regrettable -inherent in the American environment. The principal cramping or restricting influences to which culture has been subjected in America, in according to this theory, have been the lack of leisure among a people engaged in conquering the wilderness, the gross materialism fostered through the frontier and by industrial capitalism, & the reputed anti-aesthetic bias of our Puritan intellectual inheritance.

Native American art is as varied in medium & style as the tribes that generates it. There are more than 330 federally recognized as Native American tribes in the United States and each has its own unique artistic culture. Several tribes are known for basketry whereas others are exceptional weavers, potters, beaders, jewelry makers or carvers. A tribe’s traditional symbols,  patterns and colors help distinguish its work from that of other Native American nations.

Basketry is a Native American art that also has a practical cause. One of the oldest Native American arts, basketry is practiced through a majority of tribes that weave with whatever material is native to the land. The Cherokee & other southeastern tribes weave along with split river cane, tribes from the Great Lakes region use black ash or sweet grass, and Native Americans from California perfected the coil basket made along with willow, sumac or basket rush. Patterns & symbols unique to each tribe can be woven in the baskets as decoration and materials are dyed commonly for a colorful effect.

Mainly American art may refer to:

Visual art of the United States:

Visual arts of the United States refer to visual art and the history of painting in the United States. In early nineteenth centuries and the late eighteenth, primarily artists painted landscapes and portraits in a realistic style. In rural a parallel development taking shape America was the American craft movement, which started as a reaction to the industrial revolution. In modern art in Europe developments came to America from exhibitions in New York City like the Armory Show in the year of 1913. Previously American Artists had depends the majority of their work on European Arts and Western Painting. After World War II, New York replaced Paris as the center of the art world. Since then several American Movements have shaped Modern and Post Modern art. In the United States, today Art covers a huge range of styles.

Visual arts by indigenous peoples:

Visual arts by indigenous peoples of the Americas encompass the visual artistic traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Americas from ancient times to the present. These involved works from South America, North America, Mesoamerica, by including Greenland, as well as Siberian peoples who have vast cultural overlap with Native Alaskan

American Art (journal):

It is a peer-reviewed academic journal covering all of the aspects of past & present American visual art. The interdisciplinary journal contain the fine arts as its prime focus, but all of the aspects of American visual culture are covered, by including popular culture, film, public art, electronic multimedia, and decorative arts and crafts, by using any method of investigation, from traditional formalism to examine of social context.

Forms of Art in America:

Forms of Art means the kind of artwork like, painting, drawing, sculpture (carving, assemblage, modeling and construction) architecture, , electronic media , printmaking such as computer & digital graphics, ceramics, Graphic Design, Visual Design, photography, collage,  and Post Modern appropriation & recontextualisation.

VISUAL ARTS is where an artist uses MEDIA (images, materials, signs and symbols) and the obtainable TECHNOLOGY to communicate regarding the self as expression, or the world as narrative or propaganda, promotion, imagination, illusion, teaching or prediction.

PEOPLE – Portraits of particular people or the Human Figure used in stories of gods or heroes, or used for self-discovery or religion or personality. The Human Figure has been utilized in art as expression of feelings, as symbols of fertility, as objects of reverence, or death, strength or weakness,

PLACES and SPACES – Landscapes, Cityscapes, Interiors, Seascapes , maps or keys to place. Places in fantasy or personal experiences.

EVENTS –Important Events in Life – birth, sickness, death or work. Historical, Public or Social Events- wars, ship-wrecks, coronations,  executions, festivals or plagues.

Spiritual or Religious – Events in religious teachings.

ISSUES and THEMES – where art deals along with topics or issues, which cause debate such as multiculturalism, feminism, pollution or animal rights. Some of are controversial others universal. Art which deals along with themes such as color, love, abstraction, hate, cruelty, technology, confrontation etc.

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